2016-2017 Bus Routes
High School Routes start at 7:00
Middle School Routes start at 7:30 with the exception of:
   16 & 19       Diamond - 7:25
   1, 3, & 5      Clarke - 7:25
Elementary School Routes start at 8:00

Routes for the 2016 – 2017 School year are listed by school below.

Please note:

The routes are named with a number, AM, and abbreviation for the school.

Example:  01 AM LHS

Our routing software uses this naming convention with AM but all of our buses do round trip transportation to and from school. Bus passes will only show the bus number.


Bus numbers for the Elementary Ride After buses:
Bowman:  Bus # 21
Bridge:  Bus # 24
Estabrook:  Bus # 27
Fiske:  Bus # 10
Harrington:  Bus # 13
Hastings:  Bus # 20
Passes will be distributed during the first days of school. Drivers will not be asking for them during the first two weeks of school. 

Flexpasses for LHS and Middle School Students will have the Lexpress Logo on the pass.

Elementary Riders with the after school option will see the Ride after PM logo on the pass.

All after school programs should be aware that your child will arrive by bus. We are expecting to receive lists from each program before the start of school. Please notify the after school program if you are not sure that they have the information for your child.

Students are only allowed to go to the programs listed on our website. These are the programs we have been working with and that have agreed to take responsibility for your children. Programs located "near" our listed stops are not part of our after school program. 

Trying to decide if the bus is the right choice? Take a minute to watch this short video from the American School Bus Council.
American School Bus Council
Watch a few fun Dutch public transportation commercials.
Firefly Commercial Ants Commercial
Bus Commercial - Crabs Bus Commercial - Penguins
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~ Important Update ~ There are several road construction projects around town. Please take a look at the DPW's website at:
http://www.lexingtonma.gov/dpw/constructionprojects.cfm for information about your neighborhood. Please understand that these projects could impact bus stops. We will do our best to inform parents when we are made aware of stops that the bus is unable to reach. This can be difficult given the constantly changing work areas. Thanks for your patience!
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