Welcome to 8th Grade Physical Science 

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Please check here for upcoming homework assignments. 
Feel free to email me anytime at jconnard@sch.ci.lexington.ma.us
                                                   or jconnard@lexingtonma.org
Extra Help: 
Wednesdays from 2:50 to 3:30pm, just let me know you plan on staying during class
Any morning from 7:30 to 8:00 am if we set it up ahead of time. 

CPO BOOK ACCESS    (http://linktoscience.schoolspecialty.com)
Student User: fps023s  
password: fps023s
Once in, go inside the folders to "Foundations of Physical Science 3rd Edition", click on it,  Click on "Student Edition"
General Announcements
 Want to learn more???
Last Fri HW
Due Monday
Extension work is due on Tuesday if you are interested.  
We will take a quiz assessing what we have worked on with atom structure, calculating protons, neutrons and electrons and drawing Bohr diagrams on Tuesday after some review. You did get some quiz prep (TOC 19 on Friday if you want to practice)
Mon HW
Due Tues   
Complete TOC 21 front and back using the Lewis Structure Tutorial.
Tues HW
Due Wed
 Read pages 602-602. Do numbers 1-6 on page 606. 
 Wed HW
Due Thursday
Complete TOC 23 numbers 2-5.  Look up 2 of the compounds from the worksheet. Record 3 properties each.   
 Thurs HW
Due Friday
View and ACTUALLY TRY TO MAKE SENSE OF this Prezi, it is for the lab we are starting on Monday. 
 Friday HW
Due Monday