Welcome to 8th Grade Physical Science 

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Please check here for upcoming homework assignments. 
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Extra Help: 
Wednesdays from 2:50 to 3:30pm, just let me know you plan on staying during class so we can arrange to meet in our classroom or the IMC. 
           Any morning from 7:30 to 8:00 am if we set it up ahead of time. 
           Any lunch except for Mondays.  Let me know that day!
 Online Textbook Access:
Our (Glencoe) science textbook can be accessed here.
Access Code: C4861005F7 (On Macs, be sure to use Safari -- Firefox does not work well with this online textbook)
 General Announcements
Friday Homework
Due Monday
Make sure your team has necessary supplies for building your chassis.  
Also bring in a shoe box or paper/cloth grocery bag for storing your project.

 Monday Homework
 Due Tuesday 

Tuesday Homework
Due Wednesday 
Bring in your textbooks to be collected.
 Wednesday Homework
 Due Thursday
Bring in your textbooks to be collected.
 Thursday Homework
 Due Friday
Bring in your textbooks to be collected.
 Friday Homework
 Due Monday 
Bring in your textbooks to be collected.
 Past Homework in Reverse Chronological Order
Due 5/19 Energy Conversion device analysis due on Tuesday. Information for the analysis is on TOC 12
Due 5/12  Review and report on 6th grade power points for MCAS review.
Due 5/6  7th Grade notecard assignment
Due 4/14 Motion Story TOC 4 
Due 4/10  Prepare for the Vocabulary/Motion Mini Quiz Topics: pgs 36-46
vocabulary: speed, velocity, instantaneous speed, constant speed, distance, displacement,
Skills:  calculate speed, time, distance, find velocity, analyze distance vs time graph  KNOW THE PYRAMID
 Due 4/9 Complete TOC 3. You have chosen to either do speed calculations are reinforcement or take a speed measurement at home.
 Due 4/8 Read pages 42-46 Do 1-7 on page 46
Due 4/7: TOC 2 Speed Calculations
Due 4/4 Read pages 38 to the middle of page 42. Take notes
Due 4/2 Complete TOC 1 MCAS practice
Due 3/28 TOC 27 Patches Review
 Due 3/26 TOC 26 Lab Review #2 Separating Mixtures
Due 3/24 TOC 25 Separating Mixtures is due on Monday.
Due 3/19 Complete TOC 24 Chromatography Basics
 Due 3/18 Do #s 1 and 2 on page 456
Due 3/14 Complete TOC 23
Due 3/13  Read pages 450 - the middle of 454. Take Notes
 Due 3/12 Complete TOC 21Study for Chemical Reaction Quiz
 Due 3/11 Complete TOC 20 (Study Guide) Chemical Reaction Quiz on Wednesday 3/12
Due 3/10  Read pages 641 to 645. Take notes according to science Note taking rules
Due 3/7 Watch this PreLab Video take notes on the main points and steps of the lab.
Due 3/6 Read pages 636 to 640. Do numbers 1-6 on page 640.
Due 3/5  Complete the back of TOC 19
Due 3/4 Read pages 632 to 637.Take notes according to Science Notes Guidelines
Due 2/28 Prepare for Bonding Test.  TOC 17 is review guide
Due 2/26 Complete TOC 17 Review Guide Due Wednesday.
Due  2/25 Finish your element dating profile as a way to review bonding.
Due 2/6   Watch this Presentation (Prezi) about the lab we will be doing this week. 
                Get the secret compound at the end. 
Vocabulary quiz on Thursday 2/6. Study the words on the front of TOC 11
Due 1/31    Read pages 602 to 606 in your book.   Do numbers 1-6 on page 606
Due 1/30  Finish watching Ionic Bonding Basics and continue notes on the front of TOC 8 Watch
                  Ionic Bonding  Part 2 and continue notes on the front of TOC 8
Due 1/29 Read pages 520-522 and add helpful notes to the front of TOC 7. Read the back of TOC 7 and do the   
                 examples there. Do not do Ni or Ti.
 Due 1/28 Watch our buddy Tyler   Take notes during the video on the front of TOC 7
Due 1/27: Complete TOC 5. Prepare for atom quiz.  Atom Cheat Sheet         Also you can review here
 Due 1/25 Do TOC 4: Review for atomic structure calculations, isotopes and ions.
Due 1/24: Finish TOC 3 Bohr Diagrams
Due 1/23:   Study  atom vocabulary.
 Due 1/16  Read pages 506-508  Take notes according to Science Notetaking Rules
 Due 1/8 Complete TOC 29. Use this video to complete the front and your textbook to complete the back.
 Due 12/12  Complete this reading about physical and chemical changes.   
Due 12/11    Do Physical/Chemical Change Quia activity.    If you can't register here is the link to the activity.  
 Due 12/10 Finish TOC 20
Due 12/3 
      Study for the States of Matter quiz (rescheduled for Friday). Review guide and other helpful resources on       TOC19.  Study Videos
Due 12/11 Complete study guide TOC 19 
Due 12/9  Tim and Moby phase change comic. Comic Template
  Due 12/5   Study for vocab quiz  Go to States of Matter Vocab on Quizlet  
 Due 12/2 None 
 Due 11/27 If you need to make up points on the short answer section of the quiz Use this link
 Due 11/26  Complete TOC 13 graph and type the analysis questions. 
Watch this videofinish TOC 14 (Distillation Prelab) 
 Due 11/22 None
 Due 11/21 Read pages 476-479. Take one page of notes according to note taking rules. 
 Due 11/ 20 Complete the simile assignment that we started in class.