Mrs. Lipsitz  
From the Principal
Important note about building security: The Hastings School staff has met with Lexington Police and Fire Department members to continue our school safety training. One aspect of the training includes consideration of time for opening and locking the exterior doors to the school building. We are making a change in our procedures. As of Thursday, February 9, only the front lobby door will be
open between 8:15-8:45 am. ALL other exterior doors, including the door at the bottom of the hill on Crosby Road, will be locked at all times. For security reasons, all visitors must enter through the front lobby when arriving at the school for any reason.
Supervision of students begins at 8:15 am. Do not bring your child to school before 8:15 am as there is no adult supervision before that time.
Children enter classrooms at 8:30 am. School begins promptly at 8:45 am: all doors will be locked and all children will be expected to enter through the front doors and check in at the office.

Children are late when they arrive after 8:45 am and will be marked accordingly.
Drivers form a single file line of cars at the beginning of Crosby Road. Do not pass cars as they move along Crosby Road between Mass. Ave. and the school parking lot. Turn right at the parking lot if driving to the back of the school, stay straight to drive to the basketball court.
Children will only be dismissed at the far end of the property on the basketball court. Remain in the car and drive all the way on Crosby Road. Do not ask your child to leave the line and meet you in front of the building. Teachers dismiss only on the basketball court, directly to the cars at the bottom of the hill.

At dismissal, all cars should have a card with the family name displayed on the dashboard. All walkers Grades K-5 and children in grades 3, 4 and 5 leaving by car will be picked up at the basketball court. Children in grades K, 1 and 2 leaving by car will be picked up behind the building. Please do not get out of your car; staff will assist children in locating their rides. If you have children in multiple grades, pick them up at the dismissal location of your youngest child’s grade. At dismissal, there is no parking in the Methodist Church parking lot.

Any change in dismissal plans must be communicated to the office and teacher in writing at the start of the school day. Teachers do not check email at the end of school and the office staff cannot interrupt the classrooms to give phone messages.
Louise P. Lipsitz