Mrs. Lipsitz  
From the Principal
New Hastings School Building Project: Q & A
Putting shovels in the ground is a long way off, but there are many exciting updates to share as the project moves forward. We are now in the Schematic Design phase with architects, consultants, and Lexington Town boards providing input of various aspects of the school’s design and placement on the site.

The Town has adopted a plan that calls for a geothermal heating/cooling system. As part of the process, a test well will be dug on site over the April vacation and the pump will be tested to ensure viability.  Town Meeting approved $720,000 to move the design work forward. By allocating the funds for the next step in the design process, we will not lose time while the MSBA reviews our plans between June and August.

A community meeting was held on March 30. The current floor plans and some options being considered for exterior materials are available here.
Interviews for the firm to fulfill the role of Construction Manager at Risk will take place on April 11 and 13, with a recommendation to the School Building Committee set for April 13.
Students at Hastings may have lots of questions about the project. Here are some I have heard thus far:
Q.When will the construction begin? When will a new school open?
A. Construction will begin ONLY after the Town approves the funds. That vote is planned for fall, 2017. If everything goes smoothly, construction would begin in the spring of 2018 and we hope to move into a new school in the winter of 2020!
Q. Where will we play during construction?
A. There will be temporary play space, parking, and driveways while the news school is under construction.  Planning will begin on the locations when the construction manager is hired.
Q. How many students will be in the new school?
A. 645! 30 classrooms.
Q. Where will the new school be?
A. The new school will be located near where the swings that face the field are now. It will face the field, rather than be next to it.
Q. Can we stay in our building while it is being built?
A. Yes, we will stay in this school and a fence will separate us from the construction site.
I plan to visit classrooms and show students floor plans and elevations once we have some finalized drawings of spaces.
Louise P. Lipsitz