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UPDATED Try-Out Schedule 8-26-15*

*Due to Lincoln #2 Field Closures


 8/27 - Session I: Grades10-12* 10AM - 12PM (Lincoln #1);Session II: 3-5PM (Lincoln #1)
Freshman 1:00PM -2:45PM One Session Only (Lincoln #3)

 8/28 - Session I: Grades 10-12* 10AM- 12PM (Lincoln #1); Session II:3-5PM (Lincoln #1)
Freshman 1:00PM - 2:45PM OneSession Only (Lincoln #1)

8/29 - V/JV: 10AM - 1:00PM (Lincoln #1)
Freshman: 1:00PM - 2:45PM (CenterTrack – LHS)

8/30 - All Grades OFF 

 *some athletes may be asked toattend other sessions based upon ability level


8/27 - Session 1: Gr 10-12* 8AM -10AM (Lincoln #1); Session II: 1PM - 3PM (Lincoln #1)

Freshman 11:30AM - 1PM (Lincoln #3)

8/28 - Session I: Gr 10-12* 8AM -11AM (Lincoln #1)  NO 2nd session

Freshman: 11:30AM - 1PM (Lincoln #3)

8/29 - Session I: Gr 10-12* 8AM -10AM (Lincoln #1); Session II: 2PM -4PM (Lincoln #1)

Freshman: 11:30AM - 1PM (Center Track –LHS)

8/30: Varsity only Practice 5PM-6:30PM (Lincoln #1)

8/31: Practice 3PM-5PM All levels (Lincoln #1)

9/01: Practice 3PM-5PM All levels

9/01: Practice 3PM-4PM All levels; Scrimmage @ 4PM - TBA; Parents Meeting 5:30PM-6:30PM

 *some athletes may be asked to attend other sessions based upon ability

8/27- Session I: All Grades, 8AM-11AM (Lincoln#3) Session II: 3PM-5PM(Lincoln #3)

8/28 - Session I: All Grades, 8AM-11AM (Lincoln#3) Session II: 3PM-5PM (Lincoln #3)

8/29 - Scrimmage 10AM (Lincoln#3)

8/24 - All Grades report 2:30PM - 6PM
8/25 - All Grades report 2:30PM - 6PM 
8/26 - All Grades report 2:30PM - 6PM
8/27 - All Grades report 2:30PM - 6PM
8/28 - All Grades report 2:30PM - 6PM
Try outs begin on Thursday Aug. 27th - Meet at 9AM at the Gazebo at Hastings Park
Remaining schedule will be provided by the Coaches at first Practice (make sure to ask!)
LHS Gym & Field House
Please bring water, indoor & outdoor shoes if necessary and arrive 15 minutes prior for sign-in
8/27 - Gr 10-12 5PM-7PM = LHS GYM
           Freshman: 10AM-12PM = FIELD HOUSE
8/28 - Gr 10-12 Session I: 8AM-11AM; Session II: 1PM-3PM -Gym
           Freshman: 10AM - 12PM = Field House
8/29 - Gr 10-12 8AM-10AM - Gym
8/31 - Freshman: 2:45PM - 4:30PM = Field House

8/27 - All grades, Team Meeting at LHS room 143 @ 9:00AM

All at Minuteman Tech
8/31 - All Grades, 5PM - 7PM
9/01 - All Grades, 5PM - 7PM
9/02 - All Grades, 5PM - 7PM
9/03 - All Grades, 5PM - 7PM
9/04 - All Grades, 5PM - 7PM
Swimmers must attend all practices

Lexington Public Schools
Department of Athletics
The Lexington Public Schools Department of Athletics is committed to providing "athletics for all students." In the Lexington Public Schools, we believe that competitive and recreational athletics are an integral part of the educational process and experience. Students should have opportunities to participate and compete as appropriate to their interest and skills.

Lexington values the lessons that have long been taught by athletic participation: the pursuit of excellence through personal development and teamwork; ethical and responsible behavior on the field and off; adherence to the spirit of rules as well as to their letter; leadership and strength of character; and sportsmanship -- including respect for one's opponents, acceptance of victory with humility, acknowledgment of defeat with grace, and respect for the value of cross-cultural understanding and acceptance. In teaching these lessons to its students, Lexington instills habits that will lead students to better and healthier lives. While winning is not an end in itself, we believe that the efforts by our interscholastic teams to be their best will lead them to succeed.

Athletic participation is a way for students to grow and learn and enjoy themselves and to use and develop their personal, physical and intellectual skills. The entire Lexington Athletic Department, including coaches, training staff, and administrators, work to achieve these goals, and honor the values of the school district, and support the principles of the Middlesex League and the MIAA.

Go Minutemen!


Naomi E. Martin
Director of Athletics
Lexington Public School

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