Professional Learning Courses
Summer 2016

PL-TCH-2016 LPS Technology Academy! (PK-12)


PL-CI-113A Teachers College Reading Institute – Primary (Grades K-2)


PL-CI-113B Teachers College Reading Institute - Intermediate (Grades 3-6)

PL-CI-114 The Path to Adulthood:  Promoting Student Self-Determination Through Universal Design (6-12)

PL-CI-123 Teaching with Academic Conversations (PK-12)

PL-CI-132 Mathematics & Mindset: Research and Strategies to Transform Mathematics Instruction and Learning (K-8)



PL-MA-202 Assessing Math Concepts – Overview and Training (K-2)


PL-CI-507 Responsive Classroom II (K-5)


PL-CI-512 Responsive Classroom – Special 1-Day Session: Responding to Misbehavior (K-5)


PL-CI-514 Executive Functioning: Exploration and Classroom Strategies (PK-12)


PL-CI-515 Social Cognition in the Classroom:  Supporting Students’ Social and Emotional Growth (PK-5)


PL-CI-516 Executive Function II – Extending Our Learning (PK-12)


PL-CI-517 The Effective Teacher:  Leading & Learning (K-12)


PL-SC-615 Connecting Literacy and Inquiry Science: Talking, Writing and Reading as Tools of Science (K-5 Teachers and Literacy Specialists)


PL-CI-908 Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing (LiPS) Training


PL-CI-922 Orton-Gillingham Level 1: Associate Level Coursework


PL-CI-924 Nancibell Visualizing and Verbalizing Program for Reading Comprehension Training


PL-HE-1032 CPR & AED for Workplace, Family & Friends – Complete Certification Course (All Staff)