EMPLOYEE WELLNESS PROGRAM OVERVIEW                                                


Research demonstrates that employee wellness programs increase morale and productivity, reduce work-related stress and employee absenteeism, and create a work environment that promotes the overall physical and mental well-being of employees.  As a result, employees tend to lead healthier and more balanced life-styles, and perform at higher levels in the workplace. Accordingly, the Lexington Public Schools adopted a robust system-wide employee wellness program that has been in operation since 2012. 


Under the leadership of a system-wide Wellness Coordinator and building-based Wellness Champions, Lexington’s Employee Wellness Program is designed to promote a wide-range of activities that are aligned with its employee’s interests as well as their health needs. Program participants have many opportunities throughout the year to engage in organized wellness activities such as utilizing the district’s three fitness centers, attending wellness seminars, enrolling in building-based wellness challenges, and registering for numerous wellness course offerings.   


Over the past four years, wellness course offerings have included: Yoga, Mindfulness, Zumba, Organic Gardening, Interval Training, Turbo-Kick, Meditation, Pottery, Sewing, Photography, Walk/Run Clubs and many more. The program also includes an experiential ‘Chef of the Month’ cooking class at each school, and on-site seminars offered through our Employee Assistance Program and by our Employee Wellness Coordinator.  Finally, all employees are eligible to participate in a town-wide Employee Discount Program. 



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