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Happenings in PE

  • September - October 2017

    Welcome back from hopefully a pleasant summer break. I myself took a three-week vacation on Monhegan Island located about 10 miles off the coast of Maine. Lots of incredible nature along with friends made for a refreshing time.

    Returning to school, we initially had students take a tour of the facility. After reviewing our expectations of the department/student contract we quickly moved on to playing some "getting to know you" games so students could become more comfortable with their new classmates.

    On September 11th we started a three-sport unit. Each class will spend two classes on the following activities, 1. Ultimate Frisbee, 2. Football and 3. Street Hockey. The first class will focus on skills and drills while the second will complete knowledge of rules and participation in modified gameplay. We tend to keep gameplay to smaller numbers, encouraging fuller and safer participation. We ask our students in physical education to focus on helping one another improve rather than competing to win. There are many opportunities outside of class to compete intensely if the desire is there. The PE/Wellness department will continue to explore and offer ways to challenge the athletically gifted, often during WIN blocks. Whether students are competitive or non-competitive, skilled or just beginning, our goal is to offer diverse activities to make moving and playing fun for all.

    Fitness Testing: At Clarke MS we utilize Fitnessgram. Six tests are administered throughout the year where students can assess their level of fitness health in the following areas: 1. Cardiovascular Endurance, 2. Muscular Endurance, 3. Muscular Strength and 4. Flexibility

    NOTE: This year we are adding an 8-minute run/walk pre and post assessment so we can teach improvement in fitness over time a little more concretely. At this writing we have already done the pre-assessment. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions.

    • Currently: We are adding a little time each class to our warm-up run helping students build muscular endurance required to safely and successfully participate in the upcoming Mile run/walk test(October 16-20) and the PACER test(October 24-28 or earliest rain day thereafter).
    • Future: We are teaching and practicing proper form for the remaining fitness tests, which are Curl-ups, 90º Push-ups, Modified Pull-ups and the Sit and Reach tests.
    • We'll be administering the Paced Curl-up, Paced 90º Push-upSit & Reach and Modified Chin-up tests - date TBD.
    • To help build fitness, all students are encouraged to exercise outside of class time.
    • We hope you are building truly lifelong, healthy habits. Remember that finding family and/or friends to train with can help you stay on track with your fitness goals. Training: Be progressive, starting easier at first(not overdoing it). Let your body adapt to the exercise and then you can safely add difficulty to make greater gains. Obey the 10% rule...where you only add 10% total difficulty to an exercise each week, any more can result in injury. Train muscle groups for strength 2 - 3 times per week or muscular endurance exercises 3 - 7 days per week. Ask an educated fitness person, like your PE teachers how to create a safe and effective workout routine to achieve your goals. You have an amazing body that will adapt and serve you well if you train it appropriately!
      • Determine to do something to improve your health and wellbeing each day – your body is the house you'll live in the rest of your earthly life – TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!

    To your wellbeing,

    Mr. Gloor