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     Atlantis Team:           Ms. Richmond - Ancient Civ.
                                      Mr. Pelkey      - Math
                                      Ms. Fattal       - English
                                      Ms. Sandler    - Science
                                                     Guidance Counselor:  Mrs. Vera
    FIELD TRIP -- Hale Reservation -- Atlantis and Columbia    Monday 10/7
                                                        Quest and Voyager        Tuesday 10/8
    Homework Reminder:  If you spend 20 minutes of HARD WORK  and you are not close to finishing you can have a parent/guardian initial your HW. This will excuse you from finishing the assignment.  You will not be penalized. You can then use the time to work on other assignments.
    6th Graders should spend close to one hour each night on HW.
    Have you ever written a personal narrative before?  If so, what was your topic? (Please answer in your notebook)


    Ancient Civilizations: -
                      This site is NOT used to replace your assignment book.  
                      It will be updated as often as possible, but I can't promise to get to it every day.
                      Daily assignments should always be written in your assignment books. 
                      You may have to call a friend if this is not up to date. 
    -- Please organize your binders.
                      Clean out your math stuff from the last unit. After a Unit Test.
                       You can leave papers in a folder at home or recycle.  
                       Keep your stuff from our current unit.
                       Take all of the junk out of the front pocket of your binder.  
                       That junk makes your job at school harder.  
                       Put all papers in the appropriate sections of your binders. 
    for the week of... 9/23
             MONDAY - Code Line and 12-4 ws
                             Due Thursday
                              Challenge due Friday (both sides)
             TUESDAY - 
             WEDNESDAY  - 
             THURSDAY - 
              FRIDAY  - 
    for the week of... 9/16 
    MONDAY - Quiz Review - Big Quiz is Friday
    TUESDAY - Triangles - Additional Practice - show work
    THURSDAY - Review Your Stuff!!!
                       BIG QUIZ Friday
    FRIDAY - Coordinates w.s. - both sides - You DO have to answer the problems!!
                - Challenge - due Friday 9/27   -Do your best, not everyone will solve all of them.  
                                                             - show me that you tried.
    Monday: Finish front and back of volume practice packet. 
                     EXTRA CREDIT: Complete the challenge problems. One or many!!
    Tuesday: Final copy of lab. Test grade. 
    Wednesday:      No HW