• Ms. Rebholz
    Teacher Name: Ms. Meg Rebholz  
    Courses Taught: World History II
    Classroom:  Room 223
    Email: mrebholz@sch.ci.lexington.ma.us
    Office hours: 2:25-3:00 pm
    Office Location: Room 223
    This website will help keep students updated on course information throughout the school year.  This site will be an vital resource with essential questions, homework assignments, National History Day information, and class documents/readings.  Please check this website regularly for important information regarding World History II.

    BLOCKS- B, D, E, F, H
  • World History II Essential Questions:
    1. How is identity constructed? How does identity impact human experience?
    2. What are the driving forces and consequences of globalization?
    3. What is the relationship between economics and human society?
    4. How have different political systems evolved? What is the nature of these political systems?
    5. How has the understanding of human rights changed over time and place?

    Units of Study:
    Land-Based Empires and Absolutism
    Sea-Based Empires: Exploration, Exploitation, and Globalization
    Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment
    Political Revolutions
    Industrial Revolutions
    World War I and Russian Revolution
    Interwar Years: Global Depression and Rise of Fascism
    World War II
    World Since 1945