• Curriculum Related iBooks
    This page contains iBooks related to some of the many topics studied in US History and Civics.  Download and use as directed or access independently for your own study.  Books in this collection will be updated periodically and new books will be added as they are created.  
    Early America iBook - Use this iBook to gain an overview of selected stories from the time of European exploration, settlement and colonization of the Americas. There are also skill building exercises to practice on these topics.  
    French and Indian War Overview - Use this iBook for a brief overview of the French and Indian War. Note, this iBook merely summarizes the war and provides some feedback and skill building activities.  For more detail, see the website posted at the end of the iBook.
    Liberty AffairThe Liberty Affair - Use this iBook for extra practice on reading, interpreting and analyzing primary source documents from the Era of the American Revolution. This iBook presents rarely seen documents related the the Liberty Affair, a often overlooked series of events related to the Coming of the American Revolution.
    The Declaration of Independence - contains lessons and skill building activities on both the Declaration of Independence and reactions to the event
    Revolutionary War - an overview of major events (and some minor) in the American Revolutionary War
    Women & the American Revolution - 2 primary source lessons on the role of Women in the American Revolution
    The United States in the Critical Period - an overview of the United States during the time of the Articles of Confederation with practice lessons on reading and interpreting Social Studies cartoons 
    The New Nation - this iBook covers several events from the ratification of the US Constitution through the Era of the Presidency of George Washington.  In addition to factual content, there are activities involving reading and analyzing primary sources, studying primary political cartoons, chart reading, quote analysis and the study of elements Hamilton, An American Musical.  
    War of 1812 - this iBook gives an overview of the causes, fighting and results of the War of 1812.  After reviewing these stories there are selected visuals from the war to analyze.
    Andrew Jackson use this iBook to gain an overview of some of the major actions, events and controversies related to Andrew Jackson and his time as President. After reviewing this content - practice your historian's skills related to understanding and analyzing primary sources,  reading and interpreting cartoons, analyzing quotes, and forming opinions based on facts.
    Westward Expansion use this iBook to learn of some of the several stories of America's gaining of land and expanding west during the 1800s.  Practice your historians skills related to map reading and using timelines. 
    North and South in 1860 use this iBook to gain an overview of the economies of the northern and southern United States in 1860.  Use the many maps, graphs and charts to practice your historian's skills related to learning from visuals and drawing conclusions.  
    Secession Crisis use this iBook to learn the story of the Secession Crisis in the United States in 1860 and 1861.  Practice your historian's skills related to reading, analyzing and interpreting several types of primary sources including speeches, patriotic covers, and newspapers.