LPS Employee Recognition Celebration - 2016
    On October 20, 2016, the Lexington Public Schools held a recognition celebration at the Scottish Rite Masonic Museum and Library to honor those educators who earned Professional Teacher Status and those employees who have given 20, 25, 30 and 40 years of dedicated service to the school system. Forty educators were awarded Professional Teachers Status and 29 employees were recognized for reaching career milestones. 
    In her opening remarks, Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Mary Czajkowski, thanked those being honored for choosing the Lexington Public Schools. She stated, “I recognize that talented and dedicated teachers and staff such as you—have a choice—about where you apply to work, where you teach and work every day, and where you stay in your career. I deeply appreciate you choosing Lexington Public Schools for your career. You and your professional contributions are important and valued—you are unquestionably making a positive and lasting impression on students’, staff and families’ lives, now and for their futures.”
    According to Bob Harris, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources, the achievement of Professional Teacher Status means much more than simply meeting the three-year requirement. He told those in attendance that, “In the Lexington Public Schools achieving Professional Teacher Status means that, over the last three years, you as educators have met or exceeded an incredibly high set of professional standards established by the Lexington Public Schools and the Lexington Community at large.” In addition, he praised the group for having made a significant contribution to the school system’s shared vision of academic excellence for all children. This year Paul Hartery, LHS custodian, was given special recognition for his 40 years of dedicated service.
    Milestone Recipients:   20 Years of Service – Barbara Bennett-Fortier, Kristine Buckridge, Butterfly Castaneda, Virginia Fine, Tatyana Finkelstein, Mark Freitas, Daniel Garland, Debra Harvey, Deborah Jackson, Kari Owen, Robert Pohlman, Thomas Quirk, Deborah Side, Shane Wilson  25 Years of Service – Cheryl Barg, Cheryl Crowder, Darlene Hill, Ruth AH Litchfield, Elizabeth McAlduff, Eliza Sherriff, Dianne Werbeloff, Lisa Williams   30 Years of Service – Kathleen Carcione, Diane Gallagher, Karyn Gentile, Janet Haas, Jo Hannah Katz, Claudia Lawson   40 Years of Service – Paul Hartery
    Professional Teacher Status Recipients: Lexington Children’s Place – Cara Stringer-Proulx, Bowman – Christopher Bruff, Ann Margaret Matthews, Seth Golder, Efe Igho-Osagie, Sarah Majors, Haley Schlect, Caroline Uzenski, Neal Waters   Bridge – Ashley Correia   Estabrook – Laurie Barnhart, Katrina Roscoe, Grace Vaughn, Matthew Willis   Fiske - Paula Donahue, Kristen Gobiel, Joy Leigh-Anne Malio, Claire O’Connell   Harrington – Jenna Pennini, Erica Smith   Clarke – James Athens, Jillian Clark, Julie Connard, Sing-Dye Ding, Toby Forman, Lorraine Grosslight, Eben Miller, Donna Motherway, Julia Sacco   Diamond – Catherine Boege, Joseph Camozzi, Kalie Jowders, Michael Przygoda, Jason Thrower   LHS – Patrick Flynn, Krista Gainty, Danielle Israel, Daniel Melia, Mary Gretchen Segars, Valentina Sountsova 
    LPS Employees