Assignments and Grades are posted in Google Classroom. 
    Parents are welcome to join our Google Classroom.  
    MODULE 2 TEST is scheduled for June 7th. 
    Module 2 Assignments:
    5/30:  Vocabulary Challenge and the Biological Romance of Seymour and Ophelia
    4/25:  Parent Interview due April 30th.
    New Module:  Healthy Relationships starting April 25th.
    Module 1 Test is April 23rd.  Study guide is in the back of the book.  Good luck!!
    3/11:   Fast Food Project worth 50 points - due 3/19
    3/7:     Food Labels Reflection
    2/28:   Healthy Eating and Exercise Reflection
    2/26:   Skin Check and Reflection
    2/14:   Hygiene and Personal Care Reflection
    2/12:   One-week Hygiene Checklist signed by a parent/guardian
    2/5:     Good Manners Reflection
    1/31:   Wellness Wheel Activity
    1/29:   Parent/Guardian Signature for the course content.
    Please don't hesitate to email me with any questions!