• Grade 4 MCAS Practice Resources

    The following resources have been provided temporarily (November 2016). 
    Teachers will be provided with additional resources in January 2017. 
    Official student practice assessment items will be made available by the DESE in the winter/spring of 2017.

    Grade 4 PARCC Math Practice assessments

    Grade 4 PARCC ELA Practice assessments

    Please Note: 
    These practice assessments were created in association with the PARCC online tests. 
    While acknowledging that the MCAS tests may contain elements with a different look and feel - the 2017 online MCAS tests anticipate using the TestNav online assessment environment - which was used for the PARCC tests, and the practice tests shared here.
    Supporting our students as we prepare for the online assessments ...
    Grade 4 classrooms can provide digitally enhanced classroom learning opportunities across the fall, winter and spring - to help support students in becoming comfortable with the use of laptops and keyboards. 
    Practice opportunities will become available during the winter and spring which will allow the students to practice with online question formats.  (IXL will be available January-April 2017.  This practice platform can replace Fastt Math and Fraction Nation during January through April Grade 4 math blocks.)
    Keyboarding - Familiarity and Comfort
    Suggested Options
    Students can gain familiarity/comfort/proficiency with keyboard and laptop interface by using Type To Learn 4. Students in the Lexington district use Type To Learn 4 during their Grade 3 year.  The students' Type To Learn accounts have been reset in Grade 4 - allowing students to begin the process at their current proficiency level (whether higher or lower than that attained by the end of Grade 3).  Scholastic suggests that Type To Learn 4 be used daily for 30-40 minutes, for 4 weeks.  (The frequency can be reduced to 3 times per week - however the duration would need to increase above 4 weeks.) 
    Keyboarding at home using TTL4 - Students can download the keyboarding program onto their home computer, accessing the central database over the Internet, so that they can continue their Type to Learn 4 instruction on weekends and in the evenings as homework. This important extension of the instruction not only bridges the school and home, but also enables struggling students to gain the additional practice time they need, and advanced students to progress at their accelerated pace. 
    Not Recommended
    Grade 4 students should not reproduce pre-written content via computer to practice keyboarding skills. This is laborious and frustrating for students.  Students at this age frequently lose their place requiring that they repeatedly read from the top of the source-text to re-establish their place. 
    Digital Composition/Editing - Familiarity and Comfort
    Suggested Options
    Students can gain familiarity and comfort with composing short digital responses, using Google Docs/Google Drive.  Since students in Grade 4 still need practice with handwritten composition, teachers may choose to use Google Docs for periodic 'short writes'.  These can be printed and taped into paper writing journals for cohesion of thought and future student reflection. 
    Not Recommended
    Having Grade 4 students reproduce handwritten compositions on a computer is laborious and frustrating for students.  Additionally, this exercise does not allow students to practice the skill of composing and creating directly via the keyboard.