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    February 2017

    This month we're highlighting "dictation" or speech to text.  Its built right in to Google Docs with the Voice Typing feature, but its also part of Read and Write for Google!  To learn more about how to use these tools, watch this video!
    Here are some tips to successfully use this tool with your students:
    • Speak slowly and clearly.
    • Speak loud enough for the microphone to pick up your voice, but not so loud that you’re shouting.  If your student talks particularly quiet or the room is particularly loud, try using an external mic headset.
    • Dictate one or two sentences at a time (pressing the microphone after each sentence or two).  This allows you to quickly check for errors. 
    • The tool will underline in grey/blue words that it thinks it may have misheard.  Check those words for errors first.
    • You will need to have the computer connected to wifi for this feature to work.   

    January 2017    

    This month I'm highlighting a feature of Read & Write for Google.  Its called Screenshot Reader.  This is a component of Read & Write for Google that you need to add separately.  You can download it here for free.
    • What does it do?  It lets you take a screenshot of text on the screen and hear it read aloud.  Hopefully you're thinking... doesn't Read & Write already do this?!?  Yes, it reads accessible text (text that you can highlight with a cursor), but it does not read inaccessible text, like text in pictures or text in old scanned documents.  This will do that for you!!  Check out this two minute video if you're curious!  This works by using Optical Character Recognition (like Kurzeil!) to pull the characters and words out of pictures and scans.  So cool!  But remember, it is a computer, so though it will generally be accurate, it will say a few funny things. 

    Screenshot reader reading website

    • Why would I use it?  Well, honestly, you wouldn't really use it... your students will!!  If they're provided with online reading material that Read & Write won't read aloud, they can try this Screenshot Reader.  This will read a vast amount of information on the web, old scanned documents that teachers post on Google Classroom for readings, and more!
    Reminders about Read & Write for Google, including this Screenshot Reader:
    • You must be using a computer or Chromebook
    • You must be logged in to the Chrome browser with your Lexingtonma.org account