• Current LPS Educators, if you are interested in creating a course to share with your colleagues, please follow the steps outlined below:
    1.  Concept Paper – a one-page overview of a course or workshop series that you are interested in developing.  The purpose of the concept paper is to give an idea of the course you are proposing, indicating how the course will increase teacher understanding and be tied directly to student learning.  Please include the following information:
    • The proposed course title, instructor, target audience, and number of sessions/hours

    • Course objectives and rationale

    • General outline of proposed syllabus

    • Attach a brief note/email of support from your Department Head, Principal, or Supervisor

    Due Dates:

    SUMMER 2017:  February 27, 2017

                FALL 2017: August 1, 2017 

    Email to:  Caitlin Ahern, PL Coordinator (cahern@lexingtonma.org), and Kelly Chase, Ed.D, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction, and Professional Learning (kchase@lexingtonma.org)

    2.  Course Overview – If your concept paper is approved, you will be asked to complete a draft syllabus for the course with detailed information about course requirements, readings, projects, etc.  At this point, you will work with the Office of Curriculum, Instruction, and Professional Learning to fine-tune the course, and make it available in the upcoming semester's course catalog.
Last Modified on July 17, 2017