Don’t Believe Everything You Think: Gaining Cultural Competency (PK-12)

Lexington Public Schools Professional Learning Seminar Series

There are multiple ways to participate in this fantastic series!

Option 1: Graduate-Level Course

In this option, you are committing to participating in each seminar in the series, for a total of 15 hours and one in-house credit which can be applied towards a salary lane change.  If you elect this option, you have the benefit of a collegial cohort working together each week to explore these complex concepts, and ensure that you get the “big picture” view of cultural competency.  The final two seminars in the series are cohort-only, which means they are only open to this group, in order to deepen the level of dialogue and learning.

Option 2: Individual Seminars

Don’t have the time right now to commit to a whole course?  In this option, you can select to attend as many or as few seminars as fits your schedule.  For each seminar you attend, and complete a short reading and reflection assignment, you will earn PDPs which can be bundled with other professional learning PDPs on the same topic for your IPDP.  Seminars F and G are not available to take independently; they are only included with the full course participation.

Whichever option you choose, you’re guaranteed to come away with new understandings in cultural competency, and practical applications for your work (not to mention PDPs, and fantastic evidence demonstrating your proficiency in several Indicators from the Teacher or Specialized Instructional Support Personnel Evaluation Rubrics).    

 PL-CI-728 Don't Believe Everything You Think: Gaining Cultural Competency
In this option, you are committing to participating in each seminar in the series, for a total of 15 hours and one in-house credit which can be applied towards a salary lane change.  If you choose this option, you do NOT need to register for each seminar individually.
Seven Thursdays, starting April 6, 2017  Click here for more information and to register
 Seminar A: Where Do I Begin?
Learn about the impact of cultural differences on how students learn and how families engage with the school. Educators will gain tools to identify implicit biases to inform their practice.  We will explore how our biases impact the way we think about and work with students, and engage families. 
Thursday, April 6, 2017 REGISTER 
 Seminar B: How Can I Be an Ally?   
Learn how identity, power, and privilege can be used to be an ally by examining our own and students’ identity. We will explore how White Privilege and microaggressions impact interactions. Whether you are working with a student, mediating student interactions, or working with a family, learn how to communicate in a culturally responsive manner through different lenses. 
Thursday, April 13, 2017        REGISTER
 Seminar C: Intersectionality and Hidden Identities: Who Are We? 
 Learn about the multiple and/or hidden identities that students, families, and faculty have, and how these influence the way we communicate and interact. For example, we will look at gender, sexuality, and socio-economic status.
 Thursday, April 27, 2017   REGISTER 
 Seminar D: Perceptions of ELL and Mental Health - How Do I Engage Families?
Develop an understanding and awareness of the factors that will be important in building an inclusive and supportive relationship with families. Learn about other cultures’ understanding and awareness of ELL, Mental Health, and other components of schooling in the United States so that we can support our families in a more culturally responsive manner. 
 Thursday, May 4, 2017 REGISTER
 Seminar E: How Do I Understand the Intersection of Culture and Hidden Experiences?
Examine hidden experiences of students and families, and how these impact their interactions and experiences in our schools. For example, we will look at students who are adopted, have refugee status, or have experienced interrupted schooling, poverty or homelessness. 
Thursday, May 11, 2017  REGISTER
Seminar F: Taking it Back to the School - What Do I Do Next?

We will highlight the salient points covered over the previous five sessions, and reflect on how we may incorporate these learnings into our current practice. Participants will share strategies and ideas for continuing the work throughout the school day and year.  

Thursday, May 18, 2017  Cohort Only- not available for individual registration
Seminar G: Putting It Into Practice

This is a hands-on, collaborative working session in which facilitators will coach and assist participants in developing a plan to incorporate the learnings from the seminars into their current practice.

 Thursday, May 25, 2017 Cohort Only- not available for individual registration

Cynthia Tang, Lead Facilitator (LHS School Counselor)

Cheryl Crowder (METCO Social Worker)

June Im (LHS School Counselor)

JoHannah Katz (Bridge Teacher)

Ebony McCoy (LHS School Counselor)

Yuiko Shimazu (Bridge ELL Teacher)

Claudia Vanegas (LHS Social Worker)

Jeremie Bateman, Consult (LHS Interim School Counselor)

Sara Cooper, Consult (LHS School Counseling Intern)