• Fiske Math Parent Night - March 8, 2017
     Check out the Movie Trailer for this event here: Fiske Math Night March 2017 Movie Trailer 
     Growth Mindset
    Math Tasks 
    KenKen Puzzles - Introduction
    More puzzles can be found at KenKenPuzzle.com
    Boosting Math Messages from Jo Boaler, PhD, Stanford University 
    Youcubed.org Resources (activities, articles, and more!)
    Video Starring Fiske Students 
    Wordle created from '3 words on your mind' Reflection
     Wordle from Reflection
    Everyone is a math person!
    Math is about learning not performing!
    Math is about creativity and making sense.
    Depth is more important than speed.
    Math is about connections and communicating.
    Questions are really important!
    Teamwork is important!
    Mistakes are valuable! Mistakes are where the new learning goes!