Parent Teacher

Resources to Support your Child

  • Social and emotional learning are such a crucial part of the Kindergarten experience. It is through this learning that children are able to learn necessary skills to manage their emotions, show empathy towards others, establish positive relationships and learn to make responsible

    Below you will find resources used in the classroom to help support the social emotional growth of your child.


     superflex Superflex Resources

    Meet... Super Flex!
    Super Flex the Super Hero lives within all of us! His super powers enable him (us) to be an excellent problem solver, a great detective - always on the lookout for clues that help him think about appropriate ways to act and react,and a SUPER FLEXIBLE attitude... as he moves through the day  managing his reactions, thoughts, and behavior.


    Introducing the Unthinkables...



     Meet... Rock Brain!

    Description :  Rock Brain makes you get stuck on your ideas. He gets  
                           you to be NOT flexible!

                                          Super Flex strategies:
                                         * Think of a different way. *Do what the group is doing.




    Description: Glassman makes you have BIG reactions to little problems!

     Super Flex strategies:
    * Freeze, take a deep breath, and think about what your choices are.
    *When you feel yourself getting upset, think of a calm picture before you react!
    Meet...Brain Eater!

    Description: Brain Eater makes you get distracted. He makes it hard for you to think about what the group is doing and talking about.

    Super Flex strategies:
    * Give the School Listening Look if you are having trouble during a group time.
    * Get a drink or take a walk
    * Move the item that is distracting you out of the way
    Meet...Was Funny Once!

    Description: Was Funny Once makes you get carried away and get too silly! He makes you get silly to the point that you are no longer learning or thinking about others.

    Super Flex strategies:
    * Before getting silly think about if it is a time to be serious or silly. If you are in school and it is a learning time then it is not a good time to be silly.


    Meet...Mean Jean!

    Description: Mean Jean makes you say or do hurtful things!

    Super Flex strategies:
    * Keep bragging, bossy or mean thoughts in your head. These are called “keepers.”
    * Before you say or do something, think about how it might make the other person feel.  
    Size of the Problem Resource