Incoming Kindergarten To-Do List

  • Supply List


    In our class we share all of our materials as a community. This promotes cooperation, sharing, communication, and responsibility. We also share materials because we do not have personal desks in which to keep individual materials. Our class’ supply list can be found at:

    Only give what you can and please note that you are not required to purchase items through Amazon. There is an option to print the list at home and purchase the supplies anywhere you choose. Please bring your supply list items either at our August meet and greet or during the first week of school so that I can organize supplies for the year. Thank you in advance for your donations!



    Other To-Do’s


    ☐ Please bring in a change of clothes in a labeled zip lock baggie in the event of spills or accidents. Please include socks and underwear.


    ☐Please fill out the important Kindergarten Dismissal/Photo Form by August 19th



    ☐Please fill out the important Kindergarten Technology Contract Form by August 19th



    ☐Please fill out the important First Week Kindergarten Dismissal Form by August 19th