Clarke Middle School

    Sports Information 2019 – 2020

    Dear Clarke Parents:

    This letter is being sent to every Clarke household to inform parents of:

    1. the sports offerings at our school

    2. what is required prior to participation, and

    3. the current user fee schedule

    Sports Offerings:


    Cross Country – varsity (coed sport)

    Field Hockey – varsity and junior varsity

    Intramural Basketball – recreational after school activity

    Soccer – Girl’s varsity and junior varsity, boy’s varsity and junior varsity


    Basketball – Girl’s varsity, boy’s varsity

    Intramural activity is conditioning in the fitness center


    Baseball- boy’s varsity and junior varsity

    Intramural – Volleyball and Ultimate Frisbee

    Softball – Girls varsity and junior varsity

    Track and Field – varsity (coed sport)

    Girls' Lacrosse- varsity sport


    Before students can try-out the must register online with FamilyId for the sport they wish to play.  The online registration window will open August 12, 2019 and the link can be found on the Clarke Middle School Athletics web page.  There is also an online payment option but that window will not be opened until try-outs are over and teams are complete.  Please do not try to pay before then.  If you do not wish to pay online you can always send in a check to the coach.

    Coaches will ask students to sign-up for teams, usually outside their classrooms.  This is for coaches to get their specific information out to the students and parents.  This is done as a supplement to the online registration.


    Before any student may participate in any sport at any level, a Middle School Sports Health Information Form, concussion information form, and a copy of a current physical examination must be turned into the school nurse. All exams are good for 13 Months from the date of the exam.

    Varsity sports are very selective. They meet five days a week, and play a challenging interscholastic schedule. Varsity athletes must not only be skilled, they must be committed.

    Junior varsity sports meet three times a week and service athletes who were not selected for the varsity team or were unable to make the 5 days per week commitment. Cuts at the JV level will only take place if the number of kids who wish to participate at that level is unworkable.

    All team practices and intramural activities run from 3-4:30 pm. Since coaches are required to remain at Clarke until all team members are gone, we must insist that you either give your son/daughter permission to walk home, or that you arrange for prompt transportation for them on those days. On game days, your son/daughter may not finish until later, and to predict an exact time is impossible. On those days, he/she may phone for transportation, but please make sure someone is there to take the call.

    * User Fees:

    Make all checks payable to the Town of Lexington. If the user fees for your children, 6-12, equals or exceeds $825.00, the good news is that you quality for the Family Plan. In this case, request a family plan from the Dept. of Athletics, LHS, 251 Waltham Street, Lexington, MA 02421, 781-861-2320.

    This is the middle school user fee breakdown:

    Varsity - $150.00 per season, fee must be paid before first game (don’t pay this fee until your son/daughter makes the team) – Player should bring check made out to the Town of Lexington to the coach at Clarke.

    Junior Varsity - $125.00 per season, fee must be paid before first game. Player should bring check made out to Town of Lexington to the coach at Clarke.

    Intramurals - $75.00 per six-week session – Limited enrollment – Registration forms will be given out prior to each clinic. Payment is due at time of registration. Checks should be made out to Town of Lexington and go to Mr. Shannon.

    Waivers – The user fee may be waived for extenuating financial circumstances. The parent/guardian must submit a written request to the building principal stating the reason for the request.

    Finally, it is imperative that students listen to morning announcements since this is the one method of mass communication that reaches all students. Information about sports sign-ups and meetings are made daily for several days prior to the events. Coaches will also strive to get the word out by making announcements in PE classes and in the lunchroom. The chance of the message not reaching the ears of every student is virtually nonexistent. You, as the parents, and we, who work with middle school students every day, know that the final jump that message must make from the ears to the brain is where problems generally occur. For this reason, we ask you to reinforce the importance of attending to announcements so a student doesn’t miss out on an activity. Detailed information germane to a sport will be promulgated to the students who respond to the announcements, since this is the population to whom that information is relevant. It is the hope of the entire coaching staff that your son/daughter will find an activity on our sports menu that is exciting to him/her. Sports involvement is a positive and constructive use of after school time, and contributes to school spirit and loyalty. The concepts of teamwork, sportsmanship, and self-improvement reinforce through sports have unquestionable carryover in life.  

    If you have any questions, or are unclear on any of this information, call 781-861-2450, x66158 or email me at gshannon@lexingtonma.org and I’ll get back to you asap.

    Sam Shannon

    Clarke Physical Education and Health/Athletics

    * User Fees are subject to increase.