• Small Group Content

    This course will conver key topics from the grade level Science and Ancient Civilizations curriculum. There will be a strong connection to reading, math, and Life Skills during content instruction. 

    We are trialing the SeeSaw App. Please email Ms. Maus if you have any questions. 


    Week of October 6, 2017

         This week in our content class, we will start to study Earth. We will look at Earth's layers and how Earth's surface can look different. We will learn about some of the different types of landforms we can find on Earth's surface. We will explore the names of some of these features including valley and moutain. 

    Week of October 30, 2017

         This week in our content class, we wrap up working with rocks. We are comparing properties of rocks using adjectives. We are also noting differences between two rocks. We are using a Venn Diagram to organize our information. Finally, we will write a compare and contrast paper discussing our rocks.

    In addition, we are targeting following directions. We will work on several crafts and reciepes this week to following directions looking for key words. 

    Week of October23, 2017

         This week in our content class, we are focusing on rocks! We know that rocks come from Earth. We also know that rocks can be categorized by many different features including size, texture, shape, and color. Knowing more about the rock, will help us to better understand it. We also are connecting rocks to our study of archaeology. We know that the scientisits studied the fossils and artifacts around Otzi to learn more about his life. We can also study fossils to learn more about the past. Who know rocks had so much to tell us?

    Week of October 16, 2017

         This week in our content class, we are focusing on rules and consqeuences. We have written some rules about how we act with each other in different settings. They are also reviewing expected and unexpected behaviors in Life Skills. We are also thinking about what are possible consequences for certain behaviors. Finally, we will start to set some goals for ourselves. We will think about things we are doing well and areas that we would like to improve. 

    Week of October 10, 2017

         This week in our content class, we wrap up what we learned about in our experiment with laws and helmets last week. We know that helmets keep us safe. Wearing a helmet is a law made to keep us safe. We will think about the rules we need in our classroom to keep a safe learning environment. We will also talk about consquences to breaking rules. Finally, we will extend our content work with connections to Math. 

    Week of October 2, 2017

         This week in our content class, we are still working on our unit on Laws and Government. We are connecting laws to the rules we see in school. We are reading about two middle school students and their first few weeks of school. We follow Paige and Tiffany as they learn about their new school as well as the rules of their classes. We will develop our own rules as well as make connections to other rules at school and in our community.