• Ancient Civilizations

    This small group class will cover the key ideas targeted in the general education course with additional connections to life skills and individualized academic objectives. 

    We are trialing the SeeSaw App. Please email Ms. Maus if you have any questions. 


    Week of November 6, 2017

    This week in Ancient Civilizations, we are beginning our unit on Early Humans. This week we will be practicing reading for details that support a main idea. We will read about the two earliest types of Early Humans: Australopithecus and Handy Man. We will focus on how these two types of Early Humans have changed over time to help them survive.

    At home be thinking about how we adapt and change. Do we change when the weather changes? What do we change? Do we adapt as we grow up? What might happen if we didn't?


    Week of October 30, 2017

    This week in Ancient Civilizations, we are writing about what we have learned about the Iceman. We are using evidence to support what we know about his daily life. Then, we will begin our unit on Early Humans. We will begin by thinking about how long humans have been on Earth. We will also explore the idea of timelines and how do we order human evolution. 

    Here's a timeline if you want to explore more!

    Week of October 23, 2017

    This week in Ancient Civilizations, we are wrapping up what we know about the Iceman. We learned how to pose and answer questions using a shared google doc while watching a documentary on Otzi. We answered questions and read facts that other classmates contributed using our doc. Be sure to ask your child what they know about the Iceman!

    Week of October 16, 2017

    This week in Ancient Civilizations, we are learning about the Iceman. We have examined a picture of him. We made predictions about his daily life. Then we examined the artifcats found with Otzi. We made obseravations and inferences about selected artifacts. Finally, we went back to our predictions and determined if they were accurate based upon the artifacts we examined.  


    Week of October 10, 2017

    This week in Ancient Civilizations, we continue our work in the Archaeology unit focusing on point of view. We started with a review of fact vs opinion. Next we will examine what point of view is as well as how it connects to archaeology. We will think about evidence from different points of view and how that can impact the inferences we draw. We will introduce the term bias as well. 

    Week of October 2, 2017

    This week in Ancient Civilizations, we continue our work on our Archaeology unit. We have learned the difference between a fact and an opinion. We have also practiced making observations and inferences. We are applying these skills this week to reading argumentative text. We are become fact finders. We will also work to formulate our own opinion after reading a pro-con piece and use facts from the essay to support our opinion. Some students will explore the concept of bias as well.