• Early Decision Agreement in Common App

    Students who are applying Early Decision (ED) must sign a contract (agreement) that states that if they are accepted to the college/university they will attend and withdraw all other applications they have submitted. 

    The student and the student's parent/guardian must sign the agreement, as well as the student's school counselor.

    Steps for students to sign the ED Agreement:

    1. Log into your Common App account.
    2. Select the "My Colleges" top tab.
    3. Choose the college/university where you will be applying ED.
    4. Click on the "Questions" link under the college/university name.
    5. Choose Early Decision for the "Preferred admission plan" question.
    6. Check the box next to the statement that you understand what applying ED means.
    7. Type your name into the "ED Signature" box.
    8. Complete all other required questions in this section and click the "Continue" button.

    When these steps are completed, the student will need to invite their parent/guardian to sign the agreement as well.

    Steps for inviting a Parent/Guardian to sign the ED Agreement:

    1. Click on the "FERPA & Recommenders" link under the college/university name.
    2. Scroll to the "Parent" section.
    3. Click the "Invite Parent" link.
    4. Enter your parent/guardian's name and email adress.
    5. Click the "Add Recommender" button.
    6. Click the "Close" button.
    7. Click the "Assign" button.

    An email will be sent to the student's parent/guardian with a link for them to sign the ED Agreement.

    The student's school counselor will sign the ED Agreement after the above steps have been completed.