• Ski Trip Packing List

    If you need to bring Nurse’s room supply, pick it up on Friday and return it on Monday

    For the Bus:

    • Money to meet your needs ($35-50)
    • Reading materials
    • Camera/phone/ipod
    • Pillow (optional)
    • Snacks/water
    • DVDs (optional) to show on bus screens

     For the Hotel:

    • Toiletries
    • Earplugs

    For the Mountain:

    • Ski Equipment (tape poles and skies together)
    • Ski clothing
    • Goggles/sunglasses
    • Neck warmer
    • 2 changes of clothes
    • 2 pairs of gloves
    • 1 hat/helmet
    • 4 pairs of socks
    • Sunscreen
    • Backpack to store waterpark and bus ride clothes in.
    • Bathing suit  
    • Warm clothes to change into for bus ride back to St Johnsbury


    • Bring in original bottle/packaging; bring only enough for the trip
    • Bring Epipen and/or inhaler from home
    • Notify chaperone if child needs help administering medication