• Medical information

    Emergency Information Sheet

    Each child is required to have a completed emergency information sheet This card gives us pertinent information

    regarding you and your child. Please make sure that there are emergency contact people on the card in addition to you and your spouse. Please include any and all allergies, medical information, necessary treatments, and medication that your child is regularly taking on this card in case of an emergency. If there are any information changes throughout the year (i.e. changes in phone numbers, address, contacts, or medical information), please let us know so that we can update this information.

    Allergies, Medical Conditions, and Medication

    It is extremely important that we know if your child has any allergies, medical conditions, or is taking any medications. Allergy information that is especially important are allergies to bee stings/insect bites, animals, medications, and foods. Your child may be exposed to various foods during cooking projects or when special snacks are sent in for birthdays or parties. This information also alerts the staff of any necessary treatments or special precautions should an emergency occur during the school day. An allergy/medical chart is posted in several areas around the classroom so that all adults in

    the room are aware of and have quick reference regarding any special concerns/conditions should an emergency arise.

    Massachusetts School Health Record Form

    Since your child is attending a public school, state law requires that your child’s doctor fill out/submit their computerized version of a Massachusetts School Health Record form. This form states that your child’s immunizations are up to date and that there are no limitations to your child’s participation in school. Your child will not be able to attend school until this form is completed and turned into us! There are no exceptions to this state law.

    Minimum Immunization Requirements for School Entry

    3 doses of Heb B

    4 doses of Hib

    4 doses of DTaP/DTP

    1 dose of MMR

    3 doses of Polio

    1 dose of Varicella**

    **or documented proof of chickenpox