• Get Ready For Kindergarten!

    Welcome Kindergarten famlies!  We Kindergarten teachers hope you are having a wonderful summer!  As you turn your calendar to August, your thoughts may be turning toward the beginning of Kindergarten.  Her is some information you may find helpful as you and yoru child ease into the coming school year.  This is essential information that pertains to all Estabrook Kindergartners.

    All Kindergartners will need:

    - a roomy backpack that s/he is able to open and close independently.  This must be clearly labeled with your child's name.  

    - sneakers to be worn evey gym day.  I will let you know the schedule for special classes once school begins.  

    - a simple, nutritious snack and drink.  We will take about 10 minutes to have a snack each morning.  In  August, you will receive information about the school lunch program from the food service provider. NOTE: If you plan to send a lunch from home for your child, please be sure to pack the morning snack separately, with all necessary utensils.  Make sure  your child knows which is for snack and which is for lunch.

    - appropriate outdoor clothing.  Children will play outdoors each day unless it is raining or very, very cold.  We expect all children to go outside.  After an illness, if your child is not well enough to play outdoors, please keep him/her home another day. TO ENSURE THE SAFETY OF THE CHILDREN, FLIP-FLOP SHOES MAY NOT BE WORN TO SCHOOL. Open-toe sandals can be dangerous on the playground, as well.

    - all children must be registered in the office and families must submit the required health forms.  Call the school office at 781-861-2520 if you have any questions about the forms.

    - changes in dismissal:  Please either send a note with your child or call the school office each time your child's dismissal plan changes.  Do not rely on email or an answering machine to share this important, time sensitive information.

    - illness:  If your child is home with the flu, a strep infection, chicken pox or other highly contagious disease, please notify our school nurse, Karen Palm.

    - birthdays and other celebrations:  We do enjoy celebrating special days, but according to Lexington School policy, food is not part of these celebrations.   Your child's teacher will send home more information on how special days are celebrated in your child's classroom.  Please note: School policy is that party invitations may not be distributed at school, even if all the students in class are invited.

    - toys from home:  Children should not bring toys, electronic grames, or card collections from home. However, if a special "lovey" or blanket is needed for comfort, it is fine to tuck that into a backpack.

    - pick-up and drop-off:  Please refer to mailings from the school for detailed information.  Note:  On the first day of school, the teachers will meet the students on the playground at 8:25.  We will walk into the building and to the classroom together.

    Thank you.