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    Dear Families,

    I am truly excited about sharing this important year with you and your child.  The Kindergarten experience should be a joy for all of us.  If we show the children how excited we are for them, their enthusiasm and pride will be enormous.  I look forward to seeing you all.  Although we may not have much time to talk during the first few days, don't worry, we will make up for it.

    Here are some general suggestions that are meant to help your child feel comfortable transitioning to Kindergarten as seamlessly as possible:

    * Talk about school and answer any questions that may arise.

    * Tell your child that his/her schedule will include a meeting time, circle, story, activities, lunch, gym, music, and art, as well as indoor and outdoor play.

    * Let your child see you reading; labels, maps, magazines, papers, etc. as well as reading to him or her.

    * Encourage your child to express himself/herself through writing, drawing and painting.

    * Discuss dismissal plans with your child; who will pick up, which bus, etc.

    * Help your child select a photo of him/herself that he/she can have at school for a class book.

    Finally, I would like to establish a class contact list so that I can share information and photos with all parents.  Please e-mail me with your permission to do this as soon as possible at cberenson@lexingtonma.org.




    Dr. Carol H. Berenson


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