Lexington METCO Social Workers bring a special knowledge base, skill and perspective to the educational process and within the school. METCO Social Workers focus on the well-being of the whole child and recognize the importance of nonacademic factors in a student’s success in learning, adjustment and growth. We place a priority on identifying strengths within students and families and work to eliminate any barriers that interfere with school success. METCO Social Workers are the link between home, school and community. We work to bring together resources within the school, student, family and community to enhance the student’s ability to benefit fully from his or her school experience.

     What is a METCO Social Worker?

    Along with teachers, administrators and other education specialists, METCO Social Workers promote and support students’ academic success. METCO Social Workers have a high level of expertise in family dynamics, child development, systems theory and clinical knowledge. 

     METCO Social Workers help students:

    ·        Cope with stress and loss

    ·       Understand themselves and others

    ·        Improve relationships with others

    ·        Develop decision making skills

     School Social Workers help parents:

    ·        Participate in their student’s education

    ·        Understand and meet their child’s social and emotional needs

    ·        Understand programs available to students with special needs

    ·       Find and use school & community resources effectively

     School Social Workers help schools:

    ·        Understand factors (i.e., cultural, economic, societal, medical) that affect students’ abilities to succeed

    ·        Promote a safe school environment

    ·        Use school resources in meeting the social, emotional and educational needs of students

     Relationship to School Psychologists and School Counselors:

    School Social Workers work along with psychologists and counselors to form a Mental Health Team.