1. Academic Excellence – provide support for enriching opportunities for every student 
    A. Collaborate with Superintendent to develop and adopt a revised homework policy, with input from all stakeholders, by June         2017 
      • Participate in the Superintendent’s Homework Policy Task Force 
      • Review feedback from 2014-15 Homework Policy hearings; gather feedback on a revised homework policy, including input from staff, students, and families 
    B. Support, through providing resources, professional learning to align with district goals. Monitor and review administrative reports on: 
      • Staff access to professional learning 
      • Staff use of tuition reimbursement funds 
      • Total expenditures for professional learning 
    C. Allocate, through the budget, provision of materials to support every student’s learning needs 
    D. Study and develop programs that comply with pending new legislation on dyslexia, and continue to develop and support programs for special needs 
    E. Review alternative no/low-cost options for introducing World Language at elementary schools; options to be presented by Superintendent based on further study 
    2. Promote Social and Emotional Wellness 
    A. Participate in the Lexington Community Coalition – Youth Initiative to help strengthen collaboration among schools, town government, community organizations, and families to address the Coalition’s identified goals for our youth: 
      • Reduce alcohol and substance use 
      • Reduce the atmosphere of academic competition 
      • Decrease experiences of loneliness, depression and suicidal thoughts 
    B. Support efforts within LPS to reduce unhealthy stress, foster social/emotional wellbeing, and improve school climate 
      • Engage in staff and community discussions about stress, e.g. book/film Beyond Measure 
      • Review recommendations from Ad Hoc Committee for Youth at Risk 2014 report 
      • Receive Superintendent’s report on staff feedback regarding school culture and any recommendations to reduce staff stress 
      • Request annual report on compliance with opioid screening laws 
      • Explore the possibility of a change in school start times and its operational impact 
    3. Improve Student and Staff Safety 
    A. Building Safety 
      • Receive first and third quarter updates on safety training, including ALICE training 
      • Review Superintendent’s recommendations to improve building safety at LHS 
    B. Traffic Mitigation Issues 
      • Receive first and third quarter updates on traffic mitigation issues, bus captain position 
      • Work with Town Manager to find a sustainable home for Safe Routes to School program 
    4. Ensure Infrastructure that Supports School and District Needs 
    A. Further develop 5 Year Capital Plan 
      • Continue to work collaboratively with Board of Selectmen and the Permanent Building, Appropriations, and Capital Expenditures Committees to address rising enrollment issues and capital needs 
    B. Monitor construction at Diamond and Clarke, installation of elementary school modulars, and use of debt exclusion funding for Hastings 
    C. Identify a location for Lexington Children’s Place and develop plans for additional elementary school space 
    D. Consider implementation of Buffer Zones 
      • Develop and adopt a Buffer Zone policy, following public hearings 
      • Review and approve proposed attendance area map that delineates buffer zone areas 
    E. Support resources for creating a Central Registration process 
    5. Evaluate Financial Outlook in Anticipation of Increasing Operational Expenses due to Growing Enrollment 
    A. Develop a 3-year plan for operational needs 
      • Study enrollment projections and the impact of enrollment growth on operating budget 
      • Prepare and plan for operating expenses that aim to provide level services while meeting the needs of growing enrollment 
    B. Pass a FY2017 budget that is aligned with our Budget Guidelines 
    C. Work with Assistant Superintendent of Business and Finance to review warrant approval procedures for the School Committee 
    D. Create a charge for the School Committee Finance Subcommittee 
    6. Promote Communication, Transparency and Process 
    A. Engage in collaborative communication with town boards and committees 
    B. Initiate and develop an instrument and process for School Committee self-evaluation 
    C. Establish a timeline for retreats with the Superintendent aimed at maintaining strong and effective working relationships with the Superintendent and among School Committee members 
    D. Continue work with MASC School Governance Project 
      • Meet with MASC Director to review best practices for operating norms, minutes 
      • Review best practices for archiving School Committee minutes to preserve a historical record; ascertain cost of making past minutes accessible online to members and the public 
    E. Establish a timeline for setting School Committee goals so that input can be offered when the Board of Selectmen engage in their goal-setting 
    Approved by the Lexington School Committee on September 6, 2016