• SCHOOL COMMITTEE GOALS FOR 2015-2016  (Approved May 26, 2015)
I. Academic Excellence – Providing supports for enriching learning opportunities for every student
    A. By June 2016, have a homework policy in place with input from all stakeholders
    1. Promote dialogue at each school level, including student, family and staff input
    2. Review feedback from 2014-2015 Homework Policy hearings, gather additional feedback, review input from Ad hoc Committee for Youth at Risk 12/2014 report
    B. Support, through providing resources, professional learning to align with district goals
    1. Monitor by requesting reports on 
    i. Staff access to professional learning
    ii. Staff use of tuition reimbursement funds
    iii. Total expenditures for professional learning
    2. Provide materials to support each student’s learning needs
    II. Promote Social & Emotional Wellness
    A. Through a survey, identify reasons for staff and student stress
    B. Use survey results to prioritize actions to reduce unhealthy stress
    C. Develop systemic structures to work in collaboration with municipal officials, the community and families to support student      social and emotional wellness both in and out of school
    III. Improve Safety for All Students and Staff
    A. Monitor progress on safety and traffic mitigation issues
    B.  Quarterly updates on progress of safety training
    C. Quarterly updates on progress of traffic mitigation issues
    IV. Ensure Infrastructure that Supports School & District Needs
    A. Further develop 5 Year Capital Plan 
    B. Continue to work collaboratively with Board of Selectmen, Appropriation Committee, Capital Expenditure Committee, Permanent Building Committee and the community to address rising enrollment issues and capital needs
    1. Address short-term over-crowding
    a. Evaluate redistricting options
    2. Develop a 3 Year plan of operational needs
    a. Study enrollment projections
    b. Analyze operating expense projection 
    3. Work with Interim Director of Finance and Operations to revise budget reporting to School Committee
    a. Review warrant approval procedures
    b. Review and analyze administrative procedures on finance
    V. Transition to new Superintendent and new Administrators
    A. Support smooth transition to new Superintendent and new Administrators
    B. Workshop with School Committee/Superintendent about entry
    C. Participate in joint School Committee/Administrator retreat
    D. Develop communication norms and plan