• HW for 5/16

    Posted by Allen Olsen on 5/16/2019

    Hi -- I'm going to be out today.

    Your assignment in class is to work on part 2 of the handout from yesterday.  Since I only xeroxed part 1, that would be challenging, except for the fact that you can find the complete document right here. (As a PDF!)

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  • HW for 5/6 (C), 5/7 (H)

    Posted by Allen Olsen on 5/6/2019

    Objective: Continue preparation for the AP Calculus BC Exam next Tuesday, May 14.

    HW: Today I handed back packets containing the multiple choice questions you did (calculator and non-calculator) as well as the two Free Response questions you did in class last week.  I handed out solutions for some of the more frequently missed (as well as frequently avoided) questions.  I also handed out the scoring sheets for the 4 Free Response questions I asked you to do over the weekend.

    Your homework tonight is to redo each problem that you didn't know the answers to, that you didn't do, or that you got wrong.

    Particularly on some of the Free Responses, you may need to do each problem several times to get the timing right, and to know what is necessary to show and what is not necessary.

    Continue doing as many multiple-choice questions as you can, particularly in areas like polar functions or slope fields or some of the table questions that seem harder to you right now.

    Thanks for those of you that told me which classes you will be missing this week.  Whenever you miss a class this week, you should stop by at the end of the same day to get handouts and instructions from me.  Thank you.

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  • Summary for 5/3

    Posted by Allen Olsen on 5/3/2019

    Hi all.  With the AP exam happening a week from Tuesday, I just wanted to summarize what we have done this week for those of you who missed any part of it (the week, that is).

    1. We took timed Section 1 (Multiple Choice) Part A (non-calculator) and Part B (calculator) sections from the 2008 AP Calculus BC test.  If you missed these, email me -- I have them in electronic form.

    2. We took two timed Free-Response questions (Section 2) from the 2018 AP Calculus BC test.  These were problem 1 from Part A (calculator) and 5 from Part B (non-calculator). I handed out the other 4 (problems 2, 3, 4, and 6) for you to look at and attempt.  You should allow 15 minutes when you do this.

    3. We discussed the scoring rubric for the six 9-point Free-Response questions.  I handed out two of them, for the two problems we did. I will hand out the rest on Monday.

    4. I handed back most of the calculator multiple-choice answers.  If you want to know what you answered for the other part, email me during the weekend.

    2008 non-calculator multiple-choice answers:

    1. B;  2. A;  3. C;  4. D; 5. C; 6. A; 7. D; 8. B; 9. D; 10. B; 11. A; 12. D; 13. B; 14. E; 15. A; 16. D; 17. B; 18. A; 19. A; 20. C; 21. A; 22. E; 23. E; 24. A; 25. B; 26. D; 27. A; and 28. D.

    2008 calculator mutliple-choice answers:

    76. D; 77. D; 78. C; 79. D; 80. E; 81. B; 82. E; 83. B; 84. A; 85. C; 86. C; 87. D; 88. A; 89. E; 90. D; 91. D; and 92. B.

    This info is so that you (and I) can gather information about which topics still need to be covered one more time.  We will be doing that next week in class, as well as taking more free-response questions.

    I recommend that you do as many AP Multiple-Choice problems as you can before we meet next.

    None of these activities are for a grade; they are to prepare you for the test.

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  • HW for 4/30

    Posted by Allen Olsen on 4/30/2019

    The AP exam is two weeks from today.  You should be finishing up the handout from last week which has a whole AB AP exam.  Check out the solutions that I handed out for Section I, Part A.

    Between now and the actual exam, you must be doing a steady diet of exam problems -- both multiple choice and long response.


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  • HW for 4/22

    Posted by Allen Olsen on 4/22/2019

    THere is no specific homework tonight, except to work on topics that you need to bone up on for the AP exam coming up on May 14.

    A reminder that there will be a Chapter 10 Unit Quiz in class on Wednesday, as I announced before the break.  I will try to post a study guide tomorrow, but basically it's on everything in the chapter.  Don't try to game this one, because you will need to know all of this stuff a month from now for the BC exam itself. 

    If you find yourself worrying about this at all, please come talk to me before Wednesday.  You will feel better.

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  • HW for 4/10

    Posted by Allen Olsen on 4/10/2019

    Classwork / Homework for 4/10:

    Work on finishing up the sample tests you have been doing.  There are extra copies of the four tests, as well as solutions for the first three of them, on the table near the door with the phone on it.

    I suggest doing the following problems from the book as followup from some of the topics on the first few tests.  You can start these in class.  Someone should go get extra copies of the textbook from one of the other calculus classes.

    Sect. 7.1, pp. 335 - 37:

    General practice solving a differential equation via integration: 1 - 9 (odd).

    Integrating and using the initial value to determine the constant of integration: 11 - 19 (odd).

    Using Euler's Method (pp. 333 - 34) to approximate the solution to a differential equation: 51 - 57 (odd).

    Sect. 7.4, pp. 364 - 68:

    Read pp. 358 - 59 on using the important technique Separation of Variables to solve a differential equation.

    Practice using separation of variables: problems 1 - 9 (odd) on page 364.

    Sect. 7.5, pp. 375 - 78.

    Practice integrating using Partial Fractions: 5 - 22 on p. 376.

    Solving the Logistic Differential Equation: problems 35 and 45 on pp. 376 - 77.



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  • HW for 4/9

    Posted by Allen Olsen on 4/9/2019

    Objective: Prepare actively for the AP BC Exam next month. 

    HW: Continue to make your way through the set of 4 practice tests that have been handed out.

    Again: Many of you still have not undergone the homework check.  Grades for Q3 are due on Friday.  I will put in a zero if you haven't met with me to go through it.

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  • HW for 4/8 (C) or 4/9 (H)

    Posted by Allen Olsen on 4/8/2019

    Objective: Prepare for the AP Calculus BC Exam that you will take next month.

    HW: Today I taught sections about Euler's Method, Separable Differential Equations, and Logistic Differential equations.

    You encountered these in some of the sample AP Multiple Choice problems I have been giving you.

    Here are the book references for these.  You must know all of these techniques, as there will be a 99% chance these types of questions will be represented in the multiple-choice section of the exam.

    Euler's Method: You must know how to do this method by constructing a particular table.  See Section 7.1, pages 333 - 34 for this method.

    Solving Separable Differential Equations: See Section 7.4, pp. 358 - 363.  The technique is described on page 358.  You must know this technique.  The rest of the section gives multiple applications of this technique.

    Solving Logistic Differential Equations: See Section 7.5, pp. 372 - 75.  This is a separable differential equation, but you must use Partial Fractions to do the integration.  You should learn how to solve this differential equation.

    All of these techniques may appear without notice on future tests.

    The additional techniques I will be showing you in the next class are: Slope Fields, and Polar Coordinates.


    Notice: Some of you still need to check in with me for your Homework Check.  I am posting grades Thursday night, so make sure you don't have a zero for this assignment!  If you have no idea what I am talking about, you need to see me today.

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  • HW for 3/28

    Posted by Allen Olsen on 3/28/2019

    Objective: Continue to practice solving AP-like problems on power series, series convergence, and error bounds.

    HW: Sample Chapter 10 Assessment from 2017 (due Friday).  Link to HW.

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  • HW for 3/25 (C) 3/26 (H)

    Posted by Allen Olsen on 3/25/2019

    Objective: Prepare for upcoming Chapter 10 Test.

    HW: Due Wednesday (C Block) or Thursday (H Block): hand in the weekend HW assignment in the previous posting.  This will be for a grade -- it is due at the beginning of the period, and you must show all work, even for the multiple-choice problems.

    HW (the packet) due at the beginning of class on 3/27 (C) or 3/28 (H):

    Sect. 10.4, pp. 520 - 22:

    7 - 21 (odd); 23 - 28; 29 - 43 (odd); 48 - 51. 

    I will check these (the questions above) in class at the beginning of the block on Thursday (C Block) or Friday (H Block).

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