• Cross Country Information



               At the middle school level, the purpose of cross country is to introduce students to running for fun. By participating in cross country, children build endurance and strength, and become more fit individuals.  This sport also provides an opportunity for kids to socialize, increase their self esteem and be a part of a team. Boys and girls work out together. At first we jog/walk, then we jog/run without stopping. The distance covered will increase as confidence and endurance improves.  We begin for the first few weeks with 11/2 to 3 miles in an afternoon.  The areas we might cover include through wooded paths, sidewalks, small hills and school fields.  Athletes are instructed to stay with another runner during longer runs. As their coaches, we will monitor our athletes and encourage their performance.

               As individuals become physically and mentally ready for competition, they will participate in meets during the school week.  The competitive distance for middle school ranges from 11/2 to 2 miles maximum.  We will compete with other schools in the area that are also involved in competitive Cross Country at the 6-7-8 grade level.  Boys and girls will run separate races.

               Being on the middle school Cross Country team will require being committed. Cross Country is a Varsity sport.  You must attend at least 3 practices a week, but attending every practice is ideal if your schedule allows. Some days there will be practice, and some days meets. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of practice, and we expect that athletes regularly attend practice in order to run in meets.

               Good sportsmanship and kindness toward others is expected at all times.  Unsportsmanlike behavior may result in suspension for a practice or meet.

               After registration closes September 21, you will be receiving weekly email updates from a coach pertaining to that week’s schedule, etc., using the email you provide when you register online.

               Please read the "logistics" on the next page and post the schedule in a prominent location in your home. The information in this packet is also available online via the Clarke website under “Athletics”. See information on next page about registering online as soon as possible.

               If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Carolyn Sheild at csheild@lexingtonma.org

    We are looking forward to a great season!

                                                                                 Get psyched!

                                                                                 Coaches Sheild, Bird & Chandonnet



    Register on-line: You must register your child online as soon as possible. Registration closes Sept. 21. There is a link on the Clarke Athletics page “Click here for Fall Registration.” Or go to https://www.familyid.com/programs/clarke-middle-school-fall-2018 and follow the instructions.

    On September 21, we will finalize our roster using the registration and attendance lists.

    The User Fee you are responsible for is $150.00 for 7th and 8th graders, which covers the Cross Country season.  All 7th and 8th runners are Varsity. The User Fee for 6th graders is $125, since they will not be going to away meets*. This is the JV fee. As long as you have registered your child in Family ID through the link provided on the Clarke MS Website, you will receive an email late September or early October from the MCC Payment system.  This notification will indicate that a MS Cross Country fee has been posted to your account with instructions on how to pay the posted fee. All athletic user fees must be paid online by Fri. Oct. 12. Paying online is the preferred payment method. However, under certain circumstances, you may pay by check.  If you do pay by check, please make your check payable to "Town of Lexington". Please write the athlete’s name and grade in the memo line (and on the envelope) and turn into a coach at practice. You must pay before Oct. 12 in order to be eligible.

    *If a 6th grader finishes in the top 12 on our team for their gender in any meet, they will be able to run in the rest of the away meets.

    All practices will be at Clarke Middle School.  We expect you ready to go in gym-type clothes at 3:10pm.  We will meet behind the school near the pine trees/ back parking lot.  Practice will end at 4:30 pm. Please consult the schedule.  Have your ride pick you up at that time or ride your bike!


    When we have home meets, they will be at Clarke. We will meet at Franklin Field, where races start, at 3:10 pm, but the start time will depend on when the other team arrives. Before the meet, the visiting team walk/jogs the course with a coach. At our home meets, girls run first (usually 3:45 or later), then boys (usually 4:15 or later).

    PARENTS: We will need parent helpers at home meets.  

    Transportation will be provided to away meets from Clarke via bus.  Directions for parents will be available via the Cross Country page on our website. Sixth graders will not go to away meets unless you finish in the top 12 runners for your gender.  Usually we will return to the Clarke parking lot by 5:30 pm or later.


    If you do not have a team T-shirt to wear to meets ("Lexington"-Clarke is blue with yellow letters), you will need to purchase one at Tricon Sports.

    Before you can run with the team, you must have your physical filled out/ turned in to the nurse. You need a physical every year.


    PLEASE FILL OUT the ATHLETE INFORMATION FORM (given at the intro meeting) & TURN IN to a coach at PRACTICE.

                    Clarke Middle School Cross Country Team

                    Fall 2018:  Meet and Practice Schedule                                                                                                                                                                                MEETS                                         Start Time(approx)

    Thurs.        Sept. 20     @ Concord                                      3:30 pm       

    Thurs.          Sept. 27         Hanscom Home                         3:30 pm

    Tues.        Oct. 2             @ Belmont                                    3:30 pm

    Thurs.         Oct. 4           Carlisle Home                               3:30 pm

    Thurs.          Oct. 11       Mystic Valley Home                        3:30 pm

    Tues.          Oct. 16             @ Billerica                                 3:30 pm

    Thurs.          Oct. 18             Diamond Home                         3:30 pm

    Mon.        Oct. 22    @ Carlisle Invite[Great Brook St.Pk]         3:30 pm

    Thurs.          Oct. 25                  @ Watertown                       3:30 pm


    Calendar of PRACTICES = P(Clarke), M = MEETS ,  (H = Holidays-no team practice, but some physical activity/running is encouraged),

    PO=Practice on own- Run on your own with others due to holiday/no school, or required faculty meeting.

    CP=Captains Practice -There will be a practice at Clarke, but no coaches will be present; kids can also PO.


    Mon.            Tues.                      Wed.             Thurs.                      Fri.                 

                                                  5Meeting                   6P                     7P

    10PO                 11P                 12P                   13PO1/2 Day           14P             

    17CP                 18P                  19H/PO                  20M                     21P


    24PorCP         25P                  26P                            27M                    28P


    Mon.                      Tues.                Wed.                       Thurs.                       Fri.

    1P                            2M                   3P                       4M                                5P        

    8H/PO                        9P                 10P                  11M                               12P

    15CP                        16M                  17P                        18M                        19P

    22MorPO                   23P                  24P                   25M


    Sat. Nov. 3 MS Cross Country State Championship Meet