• SAT Subject Tests evaluate knowledge of specific disciplines: math, the sciences, foreign languages, etc. Not all colleges require SAT Subject Tests. The more selective a college, the more likely it will require them — usually two, sometimes three. Testing may be determined based on your grade level, curriculum, and performance. You must make sure you know what each college you apply to requires. If you are planning to apply to more selective colleges, STEM or specialty programs, or schools in California, anticipate needing at least two Subject Tests. Some schools will specify which tests to take; others will allow you to choose. Visit college websites to verify their testing requirements. Plan to take the May or June Subject Tests that correspond to the courses you will have just completed.

    Please visit College Board for more information. 

    Students with disabilities:

     Accommodations that are used in school do not apply to SAT Subject testing unless approved by College Board. Students need to apply and College Board make the decision within 7 weeks of receiving an application. 

    Please contact Ebony McCoy (emccoy@lexingtonma.org), SSD Coordinator, for assistance with applying for accommodations.

    Please visit College Board's Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) site for more information regarding testing accommodations.  

    College Board Consent Form for Accommodations Request Form

    College Board Accommodations Request Deadlines