METCO Program Office
Mrs. Barbara J. Hamilton, M.Ed., LICSW, Academic Director
Ms. Kathleen O'Brien Carcione, Admin Assistant METCO works
LHS Room 145 (Main Bldg. )
781-861-2320 x 69122

 From left:  Cheryl Crowder, Lisa Powell, Habiba Davis, Gretchen Segars and Barbara Nobles
 at the National Educators Conference in Maryland. 
Elementary Programs
MELP is designed to enhance the education of our
Boston students and to further meet their individual learning needs. The
goal is to provide targeted specific instruction in the areas of mathematics
and language arts. Students from all six elementary schools come together
on 21 Thursday afternoons throughout the school year to work on mathematics
and language arts skills. The program is taught by Mathematics Specialists,
currently working in the elementary schools, as well as various reading
teachers and specialists. Selected students work in small groups (six students
to one teacher and one assistant) for approximately two hours per session.
Lunch Group Programs

The primary purpose of METCO Lunch Bunch groups has been, and continues to be, to provide time and a safe space for children of like affinities from different classrooms to come together in an environment where they make up the majority. This lunch group is particularly helpful to students who are in classes where they are one of only a few students of color. 

Having our special lunch is not an act of intentional exclusion. Instead, the groups provide a positive environment for students to explore their affinity experience and discuss topics pertinent to them. Students may work on activities or engage in discussions that reinforce positive self-image, reaffirm identity, or address issues of diversity at school. We might also explore feelings, peer relationship issues, or problem solving. Generally, our agenda is driven by the needs of the group of students. At times, our groups are more informal and fun.

Our overall goal in our work with our students is to ensure that all Boston-resident students  are being encouraged, motivated, and supported in their academics and social-emotional development. 

The goal of this program is to promote the understanding
that intelligence is developmental and “Smart is not something you are.
Smart is something you get.” We seek to instill in our students feelings
of competence, purpose and identity so they will recognize their capabilities
and strive to reach their full potential. We also want them to see themselves
as learners, and enable them to turn data into feedback to develop strategies
to overcome academic and emotional challenges.
Family Friends
The METCO Family Friends Program is another supportive aspect of the METCO partnership wherein Lexington families volunteer to become "partners" with Boston families. When a child enters one of our schools via the METCO Program, she/he is paired with a volunteer Lexington family (preferably a family with a child in the same classroom or grade level as the Boston child). The Family Friends Program provides opportunities for Lexington and Boston children and their parents to broaden relationships through the sharing of family, cultural and social experiences in their respective communities. At the elementary level, Family Friend students participate in METCO Friends Visiting Days which are scheduled in advance on specified Thursday afternoons. Overnight visitations may occur (individually arranged, if desired) both in Lexington and in Boston. Open and regular communication between families in Lexington and Boston is encouraged throughout the year to help nurture the mutual development of relationships.
Middle School Programs
Extended Day
Extended Day provides middle school METCO students the opportunity to remain after school for one hour to work on homework with supervision and teacher support.
Extended Day meets after school Monday - Thursday 3:00-4:00PM throughout the academic year, supervised by  METCO Extended Day staff. Extended Day is an opportunity for METCO students to seek out extra help from teachers and work on homework assignments and projects with support if needed.  Students are required to set a goal/s for each homework session. The importance of good study skills, time management, and discussions around college and career planning are also included as part of the Extended Day activities .
Clarke Mentor Program
The mentoring initiative is designed to support the academic achievement of students from Boston. The Mentor Program provides ways for children to develop their academic strengths, organizational skills, and encourage positive study habits. Teachers and staff mentor students. The mentor will serve as an on-site coach, helping the student recognize academic strengths, set goals to improve their achievement, and celebrate successes.The mentor also works in partnership with parents and the child's teaches to support academic success. Mentors meet with students at times that are convenient to both of them. Social activities and outings are planned throughout the year. Some of the activities are golfing, potluck suppers, bowling,jewelry making, and games. Activities and outings may vary between the schools.
METCO Tutoring
METCO tutoring is an in-school academic support program.Students can be referred by teachers, parents or themselves for help in their major subjects. Students may use METCO tutoring time to receive support with test preparation, organization, and study skills. The tutor teaches strategies for remembering, reading comprehension, practicing skills (ie.math and vocabulary), and planning for long-term projects. The tutor maintains a close liaison with classroom teachers to reinforce the grade level curriculum. 
AAL Scholars
The AAL Scholars Program is a recognition program that identifies African American and Latino students in 10th, 11th and 12th grade at LHS who are exceptional in their achievement and their potential for leadership. It drives these students to stretch and reach for even higher goals and set even higher standards for themselves. Finally, it rewards them through access to supports and knowledge resources and, most of all, personal relationships that will help them be successful now and in the future. It does this through field trips, seminars, weekly meetings, academic competitions, and mentoring relationships with strong, successful adults and with other students. The LHS AAL Scholars Program honors academic commitment and fosters a culture of high scholastic achievement by students at Lexington High School.