• On many Thursdays, we have had Mrs. Spang, our Digital Learning Coach, come to our classroom to teach us about technology!


    Here are some of the topics she has covered, which your child can do at home:


    - Digital Citizenship and Online safety

    - Basics of coding- algorithms (list of steps)

    - Scratch Jr. (This is a free app, highly recommended)

    - Typing (Use the tiny url gg.gg/letstype  or gg.gg/letstype2 for the same activities we've done in class!)

    - Interland

    - Code.org (use the tiny url tinyurl.com/yc5mxrxp )


    We also use xtramath during some math days, which is a great program to use at home to build math fact fluency! use xtramath.org and your child can log in! :)