• Curriculum Overview 

    In an effort to achieve consistency across Lexington's six elementary schools, we are providing you with the Lexington Public Elementary Curriculum Benchmarks for each curriculum area.  These curriculum benchmarks have been prepared by our Elementary Curriculum Coordinators to inform you of some of the abilities and skills we believe will help your child develop throughout the year.   We hope these benchmarks stimulate on-going dialog with you and your child's teachers.
    We encourage your support and assistance throughout the school year so that your child will have a successful and rewarding elementary school experience.  As a system, we undergo regular curriculum reviews by discipline for all of our curriculum areas.   Any future updates and changes to this material will be posted as they become available.
    Reports of Full-Day Kindergarten:
    Category Report Name Download Date Presented to SC
    Full Day Kindergarten Full-Day Kindergarten and Half-Day Kindergarten Update Click to open September 8, 2009
    Full Day Kindergarten Report on Full-Day Kindergarten Click to open June 16, 2009
    Full Day Kindergarten Full Day and Half Day Kindergarten Program - Status Report Click to open May 6, 2008

    6-12 Curriculum

    If you have curriculum questions  or concerns, feel free to contact Christine Lyons, M.Ed., Ph.D. Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction, and Professional Development. by email at clyons@lexingtonma.org or by phone at (781) 861-2580.