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Fiscal Year 2012 Budget Document

School Committee Approved Budget

Last Updated: March 9, 2011

Budget Summary (page 2 revised March 9, 2011){pdf}
Revenue Offsets{pdf}
Salary & Wages Summary{pdf}
Expense Summary{pdf}
9000- Programs with other School Districts (Tuition{pdf}
Capital Improvement Plan{pdf}
School Revolving Funds{pdf}
School Grant Funds{pdf}
Appendix: DESE Function Code descriptions{pdf}
Entire Document without Grants and Revolving Funds (revised March 9, 2011){pdf}



Superintendent's Budget Request

Last Updated:February 14, 2011

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Page #

Budget Overview{pdf}1
Budget Summary2
Revision to Recommended Budget:
FY12 Budget Gap Closing Summary
Recommended Budget Revision
FY12 Budget Gap Closing Summary
FY12 Budget - Town Meeting Appropriation Request
K-12 Curriculum, Instruction, & Professional Development Summary4
K-12 Student Services Summary6
Elementary K-5 Summary8
Middle School Summary9
High School Summary11
Personnel (Level Service)12
Expenses By Program14
Revenue Offsets(General Fund){pdf}15
Local Receipts15
Reimbursement Programs17
Circuit Breaker17
Fee Programs19
Other Revenue Sources:21
Salaries And Wages{pdf}23
Personnel By Category23
Personnel Budget By "Roll Up" Descriptions Defined:25
Dese Salary And Wages Function Codes25
Expenses {pdf}37
DESE Expense Function Code37
1000 Administration
School Committee{pdf}38
Superintendent's Office{pdf}Administrator: Paul B. Ash, Ph.D39
Finance And Operations{pdf}Administrator: Mary Ellen N. Dunn40
Human Resources{pdf}Administrator: Robert J. Harris41
Legal Services {pdf}43
Administrative TechnologyAdministrator: Tom Plati44
2000 Instructional Services {pdf}
K-12 Curriculum, Instruction And Professional Development{pdf}Administrator: Carol Pilarski, Assistant Superintendent46
K-12 English Learner Education{pdf}Program Leader: Robyn Dowling-Grant.48
K-12 Library Media Program{pdf}Program Leader: Harriet Wallen49
K-12 Performing Arts{pdf}Program Leader: Jeffrey Leonard52
K-12 Physical Education And Wellness{pdf}Program Leader: Eamonn Sheehan55
K-12 Technology Program{pdf}Program Leader: Tom Plati57
K-12 Visual Arts{pdf}Program Leader: Sean Hagan60
K-12 Support Services62
Print Center{pdf}62
Prior Year Unpaid Bills{pdf}64
K-12 Student ServicesAdministrator: Linda Chase65
Early Childhood Education{pdf}Program Leader: Liz Billings-Fouhy68
Summer Program: Lexington Children's PlaceProgram Leader: Liz Billings-Fouhy71
K-8 Student Services{pdf}Program Leader: Martha Bakken & Beverly Hegedus, Ed.D.71
9 - 12 Student Services{pdf}Program Director: Sherry Coughlin76
9-12 Guidance {pdf}Program Leader:78
K-12 Student Services: Summer Programs {pdf}Program Leader: Chris Greeley79
Elementary Programs80
Bowman Elementary School{pdf}Principal: Mary Anton, Ed.D.80
Bridge Elementary School{pdf}Principal: Meg Colella82
Estabrook Elementary School{pdf}Principal: Sandra Trach83
Fiske Elementary School{pdf}Principal: Nancy Peterson Tom Martellone84
Harrington Elementary School{pdf}Principal: Elaine Mead85
Hastings Elementary School{pdf}Principal: Louise Lipsitz86
K-5 Literacy{pdf}Program Leader: Kathleen Mccarthy87
K-5 Mathematics{pdf}Program Leader: Karen Tripoli88
K-5 Science/Engineering/Technology{pdf}Program Leader: Karen McCarthy89
K-5 Social Studies{pdf}Program Leader: Jane Hundley90
Middle School Programs91
Clarke Middle School{pdf}Principal: Steven H. Flynn, Ed.D.91
Diamond Middle School{pdf}Principal: Anne Carothers92
6-8 English/Language Arts{pdf}Clarke: Anthony Palladino Diamond: Barbara Beckett93
6-8 Foreign Language{pdf}Clarke: Cathy Brooks Diamond: Deirdre Huff94
6-8 Mathematics{pdf}Clarke: Joshua Frost Diamond: Kenton Findell95
6-8 Science/Engineering/Technology{pdf}Clarke: Geetika Kaw Diamond: Valerie Franks96
6-8 Social Studies{pdf}Clarke: Matt Mehler Diamond: Ronald Godfrey97
High School Programs98
Lexington High School: Overview {pdf}Principal: Natalie Cohen98
9-12 English{pdf}Program Leader: Elizabeth Crowell99
9-12 Foreign Language{pdf}Program Leader: Marie Murphy100
9-12 Mathematics{pdf}Program Leader: Gary Simon101
9-12 Science/Engineering/Technology{pdf}Program Leader: Whitney Hagins102
9-12 Social Studies{pdf}Program Leader: Robert Collins103
9-12 Social Studies - Debate/Competitive SpeechProgram Leader: Sara Sanchez103
3000 Other School Services
Health Services: System-Wide {pdf}Program Leader: Jill Gasperini105
Transportation{pdf}Manager: Elaine Celi106
Special Education Transportation106
Regular Education Transportation (See also Revolving Fund Section)107
K-12 Athletics{pdf} (See also Revolving Fund Section)Program Leader: Naomi Martin109
Other Student Activities And Student Security{pdf}Various Program Leaders114
4000 Operations And Maintenance Of Plant:
Telephones/Cell Phones{pdf}Administrator: Mary Ellen N. Dunn116
Department Of Public Facilities{pdf}Administrator: Patrick Goddard117
K-12 Technology Program{pdf}Administrator: Tom Plati118
5000 Fixed Charges {pdf}119
6000 Community Services120
7000 Fixed Assets121
9000 Programs With Other School Districts
Special Education Out-Of-District Budget{pdf}Program Leader : Barbara Bennett-Fortier122
Recommended Budget
Fee Programs{summary of fee programs} Revised 1-14-2011124
Capital Planhttp://www.lexingtonma.gov/Capital.pdf
School Capital Plan - School Department {pdf}Administrator: Mary Ellen N. Dunn
School Capital Plan - Department of Public Facilities {pdf}Administrator: Patrick Goddard
School Revolving FundsProgram Leader: Various
School Grant FundsProgram Leader: Various
10 Year Enrollment ReportPresentation
Entire Budget Documentas of January 4, 2011
Last Modified on September 29, 2011