Fiscal Year 2012-13 Budget Information and Financial Reports
FY13 Quarterly Reports
FY13 1st Quarterly Financial Report   (posted December 4, 2012)
FY13 2nd Quarterly Financial Report  (posted February 25, 2013)
FY13 3rd Quarterly Financial Report   (posted May 7, 2013)
FY13 4th Quarterly Financial Report   (posted October 26, 2013)
School Committee Budget, Voted February 14, 2012
            (added 3/19/12)
Budget Development:
Budget Presentations
         Superintendent Budget Presentation presented (January 3, 2012)
Superintendent's Recommended Budget:
          FY13 Budget Overview
          FY13 Revenue Offsets
          FY13 Salaries and Wages
          FY13 1000 Administration
          FY13 3000 Other School Services
          FY13 5000-7000
          FY13 Grant Summary
Capital Improvement Requests:
2013-2017 School Capital Improvement Requests (presented to School Committee - October 11, 2011)
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