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    Robin Spencer, RN, JD

    Tel: 781-861-2460 X67122

    Fax: 781-861-2338

    Email: rspencer@lexingtonma.org


     Kristen Manning RN, MSN
    Tel: 781-861-2460 X 67022
    Fax: 781-861-2338
    Email: krmanning@lexingtonma.org 
    Dear Parents/Guardians,

    Welcome to William Diamond Middle School Nurse's Office. There are two registered nurses who have expertise in school health and pediatric care. Nurse Spencer works full time and Nurse Manning works four days a week. We manage and document the State of Massachusetts’ mandated screenings, immunization compliance and physical examinations


    We ask parents/guardians to notify their school nurse if their child has any medical problems, e.g. allergies, experiencing a stressful situation, chronic illness, vision or hearing difficulties, recent surgery etc. The school nurses will work with the child’s physician, parent and other school personnel to meet special health needs in school so that the child may benefit from his/her educational program.

    All medications are administered by the school nurses during school hours. Only FDA-approved medications are administered. Metered-dose inhalers, insulin pumps and Epi-pens for students may be self-administered with appropriate completed forms. District policy does not permit students to self-administer OTC (i.e. Tylenol, Ibuprofen, allergy or cold medicine) or prescribed medications (daily meds) during school. Documentation from the child’s physician and parent/guardian signature is required by State of Massachusetts School Health Laws for all medications given during school hours. Medication forms are available here on the website. On the left hand side of the website simply click on the link labeled “Health Forms”.

    Please call the school nurse with any questions or concerns related to your child. Please include both nurses in email communication.

    Documentation necessary for each School year

    All 6th graders and students new to Lexington Public Schools need a CURRENT physical on file in the Nurse's Office. (Note: "current" is defined as 365 days plus a 30 day grace period.)

    Any student who wishes to play sports or participate in intramurals MUST have a current physical on file. NO EXCEPTIONS!! This is mandated by the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association.(MIAA) refer to page 49.
    All 7th graders need a current Tetanus Diphtheria Booster and 2nd Varicella shot on file. Please forward to Nurse's Office as soon as they receive their shots.( Even in the summer months). Please note your child will be excluded from attending school if these are not complete.


    Please refer to the home page for other general areas of interest.