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Health Screenings

Vision, Hearing and Height and Weight screenings will take
place Mon, Tues and Fri Sep 19, 20 and 23.  For those students who wear glasses, please remember to have them bring them to screening.  Please contact me with any questions or concerns.
Please see the link below for winter safety tips! 
American Academy of Pediatrics Winter Safety Tips
Making the right call when your child is sick:
School policy requires a child stay home is he or she:
     Has a fever or 100.0 degrees or higher
     Has been vomiting or has diarrhea
     Has symptoms that keep your child from participating in school, such as:  very tired, uncontrollable
            cough or sneeze, headache, body aches, earache, bad sore throat accompanied by other symptoms
            such as rash, headache or stomach ache. 
We often have many children and adults with colds coming to school, and each one is passing their sickness to others.  Please help others from becoming sick by keeping your child home while the sickest.
Please send in any updated and current health information and medications along with permission forms.  

Health forms are available by using the left margin's Health Forms Section.

Healthy Tips for Children
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Avoid coming to school too tired to learn
  • Keeping hydrated, even during winter months
  • Eating a healthy diet
  • Washing hands before eating
  • Using lotions and balms on skin that is dry, red and chapped
  • Getting regular exercise
Please monitor your child's head regularly for lice. Early detection and treatment are our best strategies.

Vision Health Information

Calcium Rich Foods

Hand Washing Link and video

We are always looking for sweat pants and sweat shirts at this time of year. All sizes are welcome.

Healthy Snacks:

Thank You for sending your child to school with a healthy snack. It is wonderful to see them enjoying fruits and vegetables at snack time.

Here is a web site a parent brought to my attention - 10 things children with food allergies want you to know