Lexington High School Nursing Staff
Janet Foley
Janet Foley, MSN, CPNP, RN-BC
781-861-2320 x 69913                              
  Kristi Burns     
  Kristi Burns, BSN, RN
 781-861-2320  x 69918
 Susan Kaftan
Susan Kaftan, MSN, ANP-BC
781-861-2320 x 69919

Confidential Fax:  781-861-2611

Office Hours:  7:30 AM to 3:15 PM
Monday through Friday
Clinic Location: Next to Main Office in hallway to girls' locker room
Useful Teen Health Links:
Young Men's Health Sit
Young Women's Health
Teen Sexual Health Education
Center on Media and Child Health (Center on Media and Child Health)
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