•  School Nurses
    The Lexington School Nurses for 2018-19
    From left to right back row: Robin Spencer, Diamond Middle School, Michelle Wright, Clark Support, Bethany Furlong, Elementary Schools Support, Kaitlyn Williams, Elementary Schools Support, Kristi Burns, LHS, Susan Kaftan, LHS, Kristen Manning, Diamond Support, Janet Foley, LHS, and Jean Claffey, Bowman Elementary School.
    Middle Row: Marie Golab, Medical Records Technician, Pam Vaughan, Harrington Elementary School, Karen Palm, Estabrook Elementary School, Diane Celi, Bridge Elementary School, Jill Gasperini, School Nurse Leader.
    Front Row: Nancy Salitsky, Maria Hastings Elementary School, Raeanne Brazee, System Support, Joyce Towle, Clarke Middle School, and Claire O'Connell, Fiske Elementary School.
    If you'd like to contact the school nurse leader:
    Jill Gasperini RN, MN
    781-861-2320  ext. 69191 
    Jill Gasperini received her Master's degree from the University of Washington in Nursing Administration. She has been working as the Lexington Schools' Nurse Leader for over ten years. Prior to school nursing, Jill practiced in hospital settings.