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    English Language Assessment
    Students in kindergarten through 12th grades will be assessed annually in the January, using the ACCESS 2.0 for reading and writing, speaking and listening.   Only assessors trained in ACCESS may administer the test.  Most students will exit the English Learner Program when they score a 5 WIDA level (overall), with no area of language (reading, writing, speaking, and listening) falling beneath a 4.5 WIDA level.  Students should also receive a passing score on ELA MCAS.  The Department of Elementary and Secondary Eduction (DESE) does not recommend exiting students prior to the end of 1st Grade, to ensure that literacy benchmarks are reached.
    MCAS/PARCC - English learners participate in standardized assessments along with the other students in their grade.  Limited English proficient  students who are in their first year in the USA are not required to take English/language arts (ELA) MCAS (nor will they be required to participate in ELA PARCC), but, since the student’s scores are not included in the sub-group, it is recommended that they take the test to at least become familiar with the format.  Students should understand that this is merely a practice, and therefore, should not become anxious.   English learners are required to participate in all other MCAS assessments.  For more information, visit the DESE Website
    MCAS Accommodations - LEP students receive accommodations consistent with Massachusetts DOE guidelines.  Approved two-way bilingual dictionaries (English-Native Language) are available to the student to use during MCAS.  MCAS is untimed.  Teacher may clarify directions, but not test items.

    Elementary Reading Assessment
    -English learners at the elementary level will be assessed in reading, along with their English-speaking peers.