• Declining Services for ELL student Declining Entry to the Program 
            If a parent calls, writes, or tells a LPS staff member that he/she would like to decline to place their child in the English language education (ELE) program, or would like to pursue a waiver application into another program, the ELE director is notified.  The ELE director will discuss with the parent the child’s most recent assessment data and classroom performance, and will make the appropriate recommendation.  
    If the parent would still like to move ahead with the student’s withdrawal from the program, he/she is informed of the right to re-enroll their child in the program in the future, should he/she decide to do so (as long as the student remains limited English proficient), and that the ESL teacher will monitor the student to ensure the child's progress in school.  The student will remain on the ELE roster, and will be required to participate in annual assessments, as mandated under No Child Left Behind (NCLB).  The student will be exited from the program using the same criteria used to exit other children in the program.

    Declining placement in the program must be resubmitted each school year.  

    Decline Services Form