•  App Request Directions
       Our process has changed as of November, 2013. 
    Please see below for current process ... 
            Thinking about an app
            you'd like to use with students?
    Whether your project is new or already established, if you would like to request apps for a set of student ipads, please contact your building's Instructional Technology Specialist to schedule a consultation.  
    Your building Instructional Technology Specialist will be available to consult with you, help establish who will need to be involved in app approval and funding, and assist in filling out the proper project sheet.
    As you research apps that may be applicable for your project, please note that many teachers opt to download and preview apps using a personal-professional iTunes account they create for school purposes.   If you do not have an iPad available to you on a regular basis, many schools have iPads available for sign-out through the school library.  These library-based ipads allow teachers to use a personal-professional iTunes account for app download and preview purposes.
    For more information on the personal-professional account use option, please review these guidelines