Principal’s Corner

    October 2016

    Bridge School Breakfast Program:
    Did you know that breakfast is the most important part of the day for students as it provides them the energy to start their day of learning and achievement? 


    Bridge School, in conjunction with Whitsons Culinary Group, is pleased to announce that we are expanding our Breakfast Program so that more students may join. This program will begin on October 17, 2016. We realize it can be hectic at home in the morning, and students are not always hungry when they first get up. For $2.00 a meal (financial assistance is available), students can get a well-balanced breakfast at Bridge School. Breakfast will be open at 8:15am. Next week, a sign up form will be e-mailed to all Bridge families to determine interest. You can have your child(ren) sign up for one or more days a week to receive breakfast. If a child is absent from school, or does not go to breakfast for some reason, their account will not be charged. It is important that you sign up ahead of time as we need to get a general idea of how many students may participate as the food needs to be prepared that morning and supervision needs to be provided. Students who are a part of the Bridge Breakfast Program will be allowed to enter the building at 8:15am and eat in the cafeteria, supervised by Bridge staff members. Students who ride the bus will eat when their bus arrives. 


    We hope that you will consider having your child(ren) join the breakfast program (offerings will include a breakfast sandwich, pancakes, organic yogurt parfait, breakfast wraps, and more!). Look for the e-mail next week for more information to sign up. 


    Parent-Teacher Conferences 

       Bridge School staff members are looking forward to Parent Teacher Conferences. Parent Teacher Conferences will take place the last week of October and first week of November. The conversations that occur during Parent/Teacher Conferences focus on each student and provide time for parents/guardians and teachers to share important information about each child’s education and well-being. 

       Conferences are most satisfying for all parties when both teachers and parents prepare by taking time to reflect on the current strengths and to formulate educational goals for individual children. Parents/guardians and teachers come to the conference with different perspectives but a similar goal: to share information that will promote growth in academic, social and emotional
    spheres for the child.

    Teachers work to make conferences valuable by following these guidelines:

    • Contact parents in advance of the conference if there are significant concerns – academic or social.
    • Provide a snapshot of current strengths and areas in need of attention and focus.
    • Set school goals for the next few months.
    • Describe the child at school; hear from the parent about the child at home.
    • Respect the allotted time scheduled for each family.

    Parents/guardians, too have a responsibility when planning for conferences. They provide important information about the child’s life outside of school. Here are several guidelines for parents:

    • Get in touch with the teacher prior to the conference if you have significant concerns. The teacher can then respond thoughtfully when you meet.
    • Share your perspective regarding your child and listen to the teacher’s description of how your child presents at school.
    • Follow-up with the teacher afterwards if you leave with unanswered questions.
    • Try to avoid cancellations or last minute changes – scheduling conferences is a juggling act that teachers organize well in advance.

    As you know, Bridge School has many specialists that may work with your child; special educators, ELL teachers, mathematics coaches, literacy specialists, and more. Some of these staff members may attend your child’s conference. If you specifically would like to meet with a staff member who works directly with your child, please contact the classroom teacher in advance so that she/he can work to invite and schedule that specialist to attend the conference. We look forward to having the opportunity to share the wonderful work and successes your child(ren) are experiencing here at Bridge School.