• AT PD Project

    What is AT PD?   AT PD stands for Assistive Technology Professional Development.  This project is an in depth professional development course in which teachers across the entire LPS district have participated. 
    Tell me more!  This course teaches multi-disciplinary school-based teams to build shared knowledge about students, their environments and their tasks. They then use that knowledge to make decisions about assistive technology for the students. Participants gain knowledge of the laws governing assistive technology and learn methods for matching assistive technology tools to struggling students. Throughout the series, participants learn how to use assistive technology tools available within their programs/classrooms, such as accessibility features of their computer, LoTTIE kit supplies, and Boardmaker.
    Past participants include
    • LCP:  Claudia Lawson, Margaret Seymorian
    • Bridge:  Lauren Stebbins, Zelda Rubenstein, John Harney
    • Bowman:  Lauren Kelly, Kathy Abou-Rjaily
    • Fiske:  Chris Wai, Robin Kutner
    • Harrington:  Gail Goldman, Maureen Smith-Wojick
    • Hastings:  Bonnie McCall, Susan Campbell, Jessica Jannace, Susan Grubbs, John Harney
    • Clarke:  Erin Maus, Hallie Wells, Felice Zinderman
    • Diamond:  Hallie Wells, Felice Zinderman, Lisa Flori
    • LHS:  Paul Tiernan, Mike Doherty
    • District:  Susan Cantos
    • New participants are starting in March!!!
    Can I get involved?  The AT PD Project is currently full.  Stay tuned for information on new session or contact Rachel (rkuberry@sch.ci.lexington.ma.us) or Amy (agolding@sch.ci.lexington.ma.us)

    Course information can be found at the menu on the right.