• Lexington Public Schools Fitness Centers



    Lexington Public Schools Fitness Centers are open free of charge to all school and Municipal employees Tuesday through Thursday during the school year, please see the Wellness calendar for specific dates and times. Each fitness center is equipped to a high standard and contains a combination of cardio-equipment (bikes, treadmills and elliptical machines), and plate-loaded, selectorized and free, weights.


    Our Fitness Centers are staffed by members of the Physical Education and Wellness Department who are highly trained professionals in the area of individualized and group exercise prescription. Fitness Center Staff will work with individuals to design exercise programs targeted toward a variety of fitness goals such as cardiovascular fitness, strength, flexibility or a combination of these components. Please feel free to discuss your personal goals with a member of the physical education staff who will be supervising the fitness centers.


    To ensure a positive, productive and safe experience at each fitness center, it is a requirement that proper footwear and clothing should be worn at each session.  Participants should also consult with the fitness center supervisor to familiarize themselves with safe set up, use and breakdown of the fitness center equipment.  


    We invite you to take advantage of our Fitness Centers on a regular basis.




    Lexington High School             Tuesdays      4:00 – 5:00pm

    Diamond Middle School           Wednesday   6:15 – 7:15am

    Clarke Middle School               Thursday       6:15 – 7:15am



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