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    Boardmaker software is used to create or adapt printable materials using pictures or picture supported text.  These pictures might be used to adapt educational content, create visual schedules, worksheets, games and more. Boardmaker Plus may also be used to create interactive computer-based activities using the same symbol library.  Here is some basic information on this tool:
    Description of the software:  Boardmaker is a teacher tool that may be used to create a range of materials including calendars/schedules, worksheets/flashcards/other learning materials, interactive learning activities, and/or augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) supports. 
    Assistive technology domains that the software addresses:  This software is generally used as a teacher tool.  Communication books, boards, and/or picture exchange cards created using the software may be used to address the expressive communication domain.  Graphic organizers, picture supports, or adapted worksheets created in Boardmaker may be used to support composing or motor aspects of writing domains.  The tool may also be used for general (non-AT) classroom or student supports.
    What does the software look like?  Boardmaker can be used in many ways to create printable and interactive materials.  See some examples below:
    If you have questions about this resource, just ask Amy Golding.
     Support Materials:
    These materials are provided via links to the vendor's website (Mayer-Johnson).  You can find their full support webpage here: