• Instructional Technology Workshops:
    These workshops will focus on ways in which general technology tools can be used for student support in the classroom.  Instructional technology specialists, Ann Tenhor, Lisah Rhodes or Betsy Peterson, or Technology Trainer Fran Salter will likely teach them.  You can select workshops that align with tools that you know your assistants are using.  If you’re not sure what workshop would be best for your assistants, you can contact Betsy, Ann or Lisah, and they will assist in guiding your decision.
    SAM -  Tools / Reports / Resources for 
    Fastt Math and Fraction Nation
       SAM is the teacher's tool to view FasttMath reports, change student settings and create individualized
       worksheets. Teachers can view their whole class or individual student progress in FasttMath, as well as
       adjust settings and monitor student usage. 
    Scan Snap - Productivity Scanner
       ScanSnap is a portable scanner that plugs into the USB ports of any computer. You can scan up to 30
       pages at a time, and send the scans directly into Word, an email or PDF. 
    Graphic Organizers - for organizing and planning student thinking
       Kidspiration is available on student computers in grades K-3. Students can import photos, record sound
       and organize information for their own understanding or for presentation purposes. Kidspiration comes
       loaded with templates in all subject areas, as well as blank templates, such as Venn Diagrams and webs. 
       Inspiration is available for students in grades 3-12. Students can import photos, record sound and organize
       information and then import their work directly to Word for completing and publishing. Inspiration also comes
       with many templates in all subject areas, and templates created in Kidspiration can be opened in Inspiration
       for students who require an adapted web, but would like to use the same software as their peers.
    Stationery Studio
       Students and teachers use Stationery Studio to publish their writing and write about all curriculum areas with templates and writing tools.
       Stationery Studio allows you to create a template, adjust the size, color and text and share the template with students.
       Students enjoy using the tool to illustrate and publish their work.
    KidPix - Multimedia Presentation Tools (text, draw, photos, videos, slideshow) 
       KidPix is available to students in grades K-2. Students use KidPix to create reports by adding voice, color,
       text and photos to a slide show of their work. KidPix also has games and activities.
    Web Resources - Supporting Students during web research / finding targeted web tools 
       Staff will learn the best ways to help students conduct research on topics, as well as appropriate and
       educational search engines and sites.   
       In addition, staff will be able to create accounts for the many resources that LPS has subscriptions for
       including Discovery Education, Voice Thread and others. Staff will also be instructed on using class folders,
       bookmarking links and general web use.
    Network Environment - folders / drop boxes / options / servers
       In this workshop, staff will be shown how they and their students can access their district accounts, login, and save their work.
    First Class - Uses for productivity / Collaboration / Communication
    iPad - General Uses